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Blanchard Valley Health System

Weekend doctor: GERD Awareness Week

By Jessica Reynolds, MD
Surgical Associates of Northwest Ohio
Blanchard Valley Health System

Weekend doctor: Health benefits of laughter

By Gina Bailey, BSN, RN
Community Nurse Liaison
Bridge Home Health & Hospice

We all laugh because humor feels good and brings people together, but did you know it has many health benefits? Researchers have studied laughter, along with positive emotions, and found that laughter and lightheartedness can be a natural medicine for many conditions.

Dr. Chary Joins Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine of Northwest Ohio

Blanchard Valley Medical Practices, a division of Blanchard Valley Health System, recently welcomed Ajit Chary, MD to the team at Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine of Northwest Ohio. 

The office is located within Blanchard Valley Hospital at 1900 S. Main St., Findlay, and Dr. Chary is welcoming new patients.

Weekend doctor: Burning, tingling or numbness in your feet?

It could signal a serious diabetes complication

By Thomas F. Vail, DPM
Podiatrist at the Step Alive Foot and Ankle Center
November is Diabetes Awareness Month and the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) slogan this year is, “Don’t Lose Your Nerve to Diabetes.”

More than 30 million Americans are living with diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy, or nerve damage in the feet, is one of the most common—and most serious—complications of the disease. Nerve damage causes burning, tingling, heaviness or numbness in the feet and affects up to 70 percent of all diabetic patients.

Recent births at Bluffton Hospital

Here are the births announcements from Bluffton Hospital for September and October:

Sept. 2 - Hayes Gregory Michael, son of Bryn and Brynne Steffan, Arlington.

Sept. 4 - Scarlett Allyn, daughter of Blake Williams and Celeste Montgomery, Ada.

Sept. 10 - Cecilia James, daughter of Joshua and Crystal McGrain, Arlington.

Sept. 15 - Aldrik Joseph, son of David and Mary Burgei, Ottawa.

Sept. 18 - Ellisyn Mae, daughter of Cody Roeder and Amanda Boyed, Columbus Grove.

Sept. 23 - Kamila Grey, daughter of Anthony and Sarah Serda, Findlay.

Weekend doctor: What is Hematuria?

By Andre Gilbert, MD
Blanchard Valley Urology Associates