July 23, 2014


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Bluffton Council/School Board

School board acts on $14,058,262 appropriations for 2014-15

Bluffton school board will act on approval of $14,058,262 appropriations for 2014-15 at Monday night's July school board session. 

In addition, as the new school year gets closer, the board will finalize several last-minute items. Among those are:

Town hall, Sunset Drive updates provided at Monday's council meeting

Bluffton council will hear several updates on village projects from Jamie Mehaffie, village administrator, during Monday’s council meeting. A summary of those updates follow. The complete council agenda is in an attachment at the bottom of this story.

Town Hall
According to the village insurance adjustor, he will submit the file to the insurance carrier this week. Supposedly, we should have a response in seven to 10 days.

School board sets administrators' salary increases by 1.5%

Although it’s mid-summer, the Bluffton school board approved several items on June 26 in preparation for the 2014-15 school year.

The board okayed the following percent salary increases:
• Timothy Closson, Gregory Denecker, Marden Herr, Robert Holt, Kyle Leatherman, Michael Minnig, Paula Parish and Rebecca Gerschutz – each 1.5 %

• Secretarial:
1.25 % July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015;
1.5 % July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016; and
1.75 % July 2, 2016, to June 30, 2017.

At mid-year Bluffton council's agenda is full

At mid-way point of 2014, Bluffton council will address several issues on Monday. Here's a summary of the village administrator's report to council. The report is part of the council agenda, in an attachment at the bottom of this story.

History in the making - Judy Augsburger named Bluffton's first woman mayor

Mayor Judy Augsburger.

For the first time in the 153-year history of the Village of Bluffton, a woman presides in the mayor’s office. The historic event occurred during the Monday, June 2, council meeting.

Judy Augsburger, who became a council member on Jan. 1, 2014, is that woman. She succeeds Dennis Gallant as mayor. Gallant accepted a new job in Sandusky and resigned from his position on Monday evening.

Resignation of Dennis Gallant, Bluffton mayor, anticipated in tonight's council session

The Icon anticipates the resignation of Dennis Gallant, Bluffton mayor, during tonight's (June 2) council meeting. Watch the Icon tonight for how the mayoral succession and selection process for a potential vacant council seat takes place.

In the meantime, Jamie Mehaffie, village administrator, provides an update on several village issues. His report follows:

Town Hall

Village solicitor offers legal opinion concerning succession of mayor and council members

Who's on first? 

This question may apply to the current Bluffton council and mayoral situation. Given the potential resignation on June 2 of Dennis Gallant, Bluffton mayor, a complex set of circumstances will take place. These circumstances affect the make up of Bluffton council and the potential for persons to seek future seats on council and as mayor.

Stephen Chamberlain, Bluffton village solicitor, addressed this issue at the May 19 council session.

Amended sidewalk ordinances passes; toned-down version intends to "connect" sidewalk gaps in the village

Ordinance 03-14, the most talked about Bluffton council ordinance in years, passed on May 20.

Better known as the Bluffton sidewalk ordinance, it technically amends an earlier sidewalk ordinance 07-13. That earlier ordinance stated that sidewalks be constructed and maintained in "all" residential area of the village.

Kingsley resigns as council president; Augsburger named as replacement

The face of Bluffton village government changed on May 19. And its change is not yet complete.

During the first council session following the “flooding” of the town hall, Mitch Kingsley, council president, announced his resignation as council president. He, however, did not resign from council and plans to retain his seat until later this year when he will resign.

Kingsley read a statement explaining the reasons for his resignation. His statement follows:

Council meeting in town hall tonight

Bluffton council will meet in the town hall tonight (May 19), during its regular meeting, according to Jamie Mehaffie, village administrator. The meeting will take place in the third floor meeting room instead of the large meeting room.