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Tim Maag

October 23, 2017

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Bluffton Council/School Board

Council will act Monday to authorize K-9 dog for police department

Tyler Hochstetler, police sergeant, will be the dog's handler

Bluffton council plans emergency legislation on Monday to authorize the purchase and training of a police K-9 from funds donated to the K-9 project.

The legislation makes official what was announced earlier when the police department raised over $17,000 in donations and pledges for purchase and training of a police dog.

Police Sergeant Tyler Hochstetler will be the designated handled for the dog.

Ryan Burkholder, police chief, informed Bluffton council members on Oct. 12 that the department achieved it $17,000 goal to purchase the dog.

School board approves five-year fiscal forecast

Shows actual figures for 2015 to 2017; forecasts 2018 to 2022

Bluffton school board approved a five-year school district fiscal forecast presented by Paula Parish, on Oct. 16.

"Schools are required to prepare a five-year forecast two times each year, once in October and then an update in May." she told the Icon. "The forecast serves as a good tool to help monitor the revenues and expenses for the district."

The forecast includes actual figures for fiscal years ending June 30, 2015, through June 30,  2017.

School board reviews five-year forecast

18 supplemental contacts on Monday's agenda

Bluffton school board members will review and act upon a five-year forecast for fiscal years 2018 to 2022 at Monday’s October board meeting.

The forecast is a state requirement of all school district.The forecast was not part of the board's packet. Watch the Icon for a followup on the forecast details.

In other action, in an otherwise light agenda, the board will act on 18 supplemental contracts and assignments. The majority involve winter coaching positions.

Six substitute teaching contracts are also on the agenda.

39 minutes in open session; 39 in closed session

Council has two separate executive sessions Monday

Bluffton council split its Monday meeting in half.

Council met in open session 39 minutes and coincidentally 39 minutes in closed session.

Two executive sessions took place Monday. They were split with 16 minutes taking place midway between the open session for “personnel job descriptions” as described by Mayor Judy Augsburger.

No action followed the first executive session and no explanation on the discussion was given as council reentered open session.

Bluffton council will act on university annexation request

Portion of nature preserve on Augsburger Road

The Village of Bluffton’s boundaries are set to expand toward the northwest.

On Monday the council will act on a resolution to accept a parcel of Bluffton University property into the village through annexation.

The parcel is part of what is known as the university’s nature preserve on Augsburger Road. The university intends to build a classroom a portion of the preserve that is not currently in the village.

The annexation will allow the university to pay the inside rates for water and sewer.

Background on the construction project

Bluffton council annexation meeting moved to tonight

The special Bluffton council meeting set for Oct. 2 is re-scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 3, at 8 p.m., according to Judy Augsburger, mayor.

The meet is to discuss a petition to expedite an annexation of Bluffton University’s Swinging Bridge Nature Preserve property into the Village of Bluffton.



Monday special council meeting discusses university annexation

Bluffton council will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m., Monday, Oct. 2, according to Judy Augsburger, mayor.

The meet is to discuss a petition to expedite an annexation of Bluffton University’s Swinging Bridge Nature Preserve property into the Village of Bluffton.

Bluffton schools ranks 35th in state

In 2016-17 school report card out of 608 school districts

DENECKER: "We performed very well...it puts our district in the top 6% again for performance index."


State school report cards for the 2016-17 school year show Bluffton schools continue to attain remarkable results. The results were released by the Ohio Department of Education this week.

See charts below comparing:
• Bluffton with neighboring school districts
• Bluffton's scoring in several categories


West Elm Street water project "rough estimate" $450,000

West Riley Street structure demolition delay possible

Note: E-mail service to Bluffton village offices is sporadic, as many residents trying to e-mail village employees discovered last week.

The internet server went down last Wednesday and no e-mail was sent or received by the village until earlier this week.

The village is working with Perry Pro-Tech, its internet provider, to resolve the problem.

Monday’s council session
Bluffton council awarded the West Elm Street water engineering project to Choice One Engineering, Sidney, for – rough estimated - $450,000 on Monday.

Bluffton council meets in special session Thursday

6:35 p.m. meeting for personnel changes

Three special Bluffton council meetings, each held in the town hall, were announced today by Judy Augsburger, mayor:

• Streets and Alleys Committee meeting, Thursday Sept. 14, 5:30 p.m

• Special council meeting for Main Street closure for BHS homecoming parade, Thursday, Sept. 14, 6:30 p.m. (parade is Friday, Sept. 22)

• Special council meeting for personnel changes, Thursday, Sept. 14, 6:35 p.m.