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November 21, 2019

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Bluffton Council/School Board

Jefferson Street nears completion

New playground equipment installed at Buckeye on Tuesday

Bluffton council will get an update on several village projects at Monday’s council meeting.

Among items on the agenda include:
• The Jefferson Street bridge will be grooved on Tuesday, as the asphalt was installed today. Also, on Tuesday will be street line striping. Once completed the roadway will open.

• New playground equipment for the Buckeye park playground arrived last week. It will be installed on Tuesday.

• Leaf pick up will begin this week.

• Twenty-six ADA curb ramps were completed in the village in 2019.

School board picks Brad Dailey to replace Brad Fruchey

He will join the board in November

Brad Dailey of Bluffton was appointed to the Bluffton school board, which met last night (Nov. 21).

The board selected Dailey to complete the term of another, Brad...Brad Fruchey, who resigned in October. Dailey will be sworn in as a member in the November board meeting.

Dailey is the assistant manager of the Glandorf Feed Co.

His term will run through Dec. 31, 2021. Watch the Icon for an interview with the new board member to be posted soon.


$45,000 police cruiser expected in 2020

Leaf pick up will begin this week

See the attached council packet at the bottom of this story.

Bluffton council will consider a request for a new $45,000 village police cruiser at the Monday, Oct. 14, council meeting. The council’s finance and safety committee, meeting Oct. 9, reviewed the police department request for the expenditure.

The village follows a 10-year capital budget plan for the police equipment. A 2020 cruiser is part of that 10-year budget. Several additional budget items were reviewed on Oct. 9. Those items will be discussed this evening.

No parking 3 to 5 a.m. signs will go

Ordinance will remain in effect

Bluffton council’s streets and alleys committee covered 18 topics in its 77-minute meeting on Sept. 4.

Among items on its agenda included an agreement – approved by the full council on Sept. 9 –  to remove "No parking 3 to 5 a.m. - without permit" signs on 10 village streets.

The signs were installed during an era when Bluffton University students were parking on these streets due to the lack of parking areas on campus. That parking issue was later addressed by the university, making the signs a moot point.

2 overnight trip requests on Monday's agenda

7th graders at Camp Berry; 8th graders to D.C.

Bluffton school board will act on two overnight trip requests for middle school students planned later this school year.

Action is part of Monday’s school board agenda. The two overnight requests have become traditions in the middle school. They are:

• Seventh grade Camp Berry trip – Outdoor school at Camp Berry, Arlington, from Oct. 16-18.

• Eighth grade Washington, D.C. trip – from May 18 to 21, 2020.

The agenda also includes action on several substitute and supplemental contracts.

Monday’s agenda is attached at the bottom of this story.

License plate fees will increase $10 in the village this fall

Village could save $1,639 per year through AEP incentives

Bluffton drivers will start paying an additional $10 per license plate for each plate renewal starting this fall.

Bluffton council passed the first of three readings of legislation to create a levy on annual license taxes. Two separate ordinances of $5 each are passing through council.

Brought to council by its streets, alleys, lights and sidewalks committee, the taxes collected will be used for maintaining, constructing and improvement roadways and bridges in the village.