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September 17, 2019

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Icon Restaurant Guide - let's eat out!

Guide to the best cinnamon rolls in town

By Liz Gordon-Hancock
Are all cinnamon rolls created equal?
Here's the guide to the best cinnamon rolls in Bluffton.

If what you love about cinnamon rolls is the moist, yeast dough, then head over to the Twisted Whisk for the moistest, tightly rolled rolls in town. These cinnamon rolls are the trademark of Sam Erter, co-owner of the cafe.

Restaurant review: With coffee in hand, I can face the world!

A salute to the Twisted Whisk

Icon Restaurant Review:
Twisted Whisk
101 S. Main Street, Bluffton
Reviewer: Liz Gordon-Hancock

They say "Have a great day!" and hand you a hot cup of joe. And the day feels an increment better for holding that cup in your hand, independent of whether it's raining outside or the state of your hair. With coffee from the Twisted Whisk in my hand, I can face the world.

Restaurant review: The Dough Hook offers the answer...

When staring into the refrigerator yields no inspiration for dinner

Icon Restaurant Review:
The Dough Hook
117 Main St., Bluffton
Reviewer: Liz Gordon-Hancock

Why is meal-planning such a headache? Now that school is back in session, everyone's schedule is getting busier. I decided to take the hassle out of my meal-planning and get a Fresh Meal box from The Dough Hook.

Bistro brings international flavor to small town Bluffton

Raising the bar on the dining out experience in Bluffton

Icon Restaurant Review:
Bystillwaters Bistro
112 Vine Street, Bluffton
Reviewer: Liz Gordon-Hancock

At the back of Black Lab Trading Co., what was Jeanne's Kitchen has been revamped into Bystillwaters Bistro.

It's been open for four months now. Heather Cox, the owner, is doing something different with this restaurant. The decor is much the same, with exposed brick and painted mural and stencilling in colonial style. Cox has added plush, high-backed chairs to sit and relax over your meal.

What are your Tuesday supper plans?

Here's a dozen ideas to consider

What are your supper plans on Tuesday? Those might involve one of dozen options as the next "Foodie Tuesday" is June 26 at The Centre, according to Stacy Stumbaugh.

It's a food truck event held from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at The Centre, 601 N. Main St.

Campito Lindo: Authentic Mexican fare on Main Street, Bluffton

A quick and easy meal out for families; the food is good, the service fast, the price affordable

Icon Restaurant Review:
Campito Lindo Mexican Restaurant and Cantina
142 N. Main Street, Bluffton
Reviewed by Liz Gordon-Hancock

If you're in the mood to eat something tasty and quick, then try Campito Lindo Mexican Restaurant and Cantina. This restaurant offers authentic Mexican fare, and everything is made fresh, on the premises.