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September 30, 2016


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Hey, that's Don Staley...and isn't that a '49 Cushman Pacemaker scooter?

Richland Manor held its fifth annual car cruise eariler this month. According to Barry Schneck, over 50 vehicles entered.

Richland Manor also raised $182 and had 261 pounds of food donated at the event. The donations go to the Manor's Independent from Hunger Food Drive.

In addition, Richland Manor partnered with the Alzheimer's Association for its Walk to End Alzheimer's. The event raised $192 for that organzation.

This year's cruise-in winners follow:
Don Staley, Bluffton- 1949 Cushman Pacemaker Stepthru Scooter.


We're thinking of a new and improved Icon football contest, but need your help

If you've ever entered The Bluffton Icon high school, college or NFL football contests, you realize that it's three yards and a cloud of dust, week after week.

Although it is hardly July, The Icon is working on this fall's contest - call it the dream stage.

We'd like to hear from contestants on ways we could make the contests more interesting. One thing for certain is that our tie-breakers need repair. But, beside that, if you could create a weekly football contest, how would you do it?


Bluffton Relay for Life generates approximately $22,000 so far

Bluffton's 2012 Relay for Life raised approximately $22,000 according to Adam Blevins of the American Cancer Society.

"We can continue building on this until Aug. 31 for any donation to still count toward helping us meeting our 2012 $30,000 goal," he said.

A wrap-up meeting will take place on Thursday, Aug. 2.


15 minutes with Dylan Whitlow

15 minutes with Dylan Whitlow
How old are you, Dylan?

I guess that means you are going to be a freshman next year at BHS.

What year will you graduate?

What are your favorite subjects in school?
(Long pause) Lunch. (Longer pause) In eighth grade I liked math.

Do you have any favorite styles of music you like?
I really can't stand Country.


Meet this summer's Icon intern - can you figure out his favorite sports team?

By Jake Dowling, Icon intern
Hi everyone! I am Jake Dowling, the University of Findlay intern working for the Bluffton Icon for the summer. I have written a few articles on the Icon including a story on Issac Schumacher, the upcoming Mennofolk event, a story on Scott Weissling, an tutor looking for work and a story on Bridge Hospice holding classes for volunteers.

I am writing to give you all a look at who I am and in hopes that I can get to know you all so much better.


Ropp Triplett's campaign speech is working - and things in Bluffton are now looking up

Town and Country Flowers advertisement on The Icon

You've heard of "shaggy dog stories." This is a "Ropp Triplett story."

It turns out that Ropp Triplett is campaigning - not running for public office - simply campaigning.

To his way of thinking Bluffton doesn't have a "downtown," it has an "uptown." His initial campaign speech on the merits of an uptown versus a downtown were given at the June 8 chamber breakfast.

After the rousing applause he received, it appears that popular sentiment is now in his camp.


Icon's garage sale map may the be best thing since sliced bread

It could be the best thing since sliced bread. Some call it a "better mouse trap." Whatever you call it, The Bluffton Icon's garage sale map is finding friends among garage salers in the community.

The Icon this week launched a garage sale map. The map lists every garage sale posted on The Icon.

"Several garage salers have asked if we could create a map," said Fred Steiner of The Icon. "We've experimented with at least four different versions and are happy to officially launch it.'"


NWC champs photo in advance; plus a look at the 2012-13 BHS sports schedules


Here's an advance photo of the Northwest Conference boys' basketball team champions from Bluffton High School during the 2019-20 or '20-21 season, or so.

Making up the photo are participants in the Bluffton Lil' Pirates basketball camp from first to fourth grades. The camp took place recently. Over 90 boys from grades first through eighth participated.


Venus puts on a show - and here's proof

On Tuesday skywatchers witnessed a rare planetary spectacle, as the planet Venus appeared to cross the face of the sun. If you missed it, you're out of luck. This once-in-a-lifetime event won't happen again until 2117.


No bird in hand - still worth two in the bush, or on my camera memory card

The story behind the photo and video.

Friday afternoon, around 3 p.m., my cell phone rang. It was Bluffton Police Officer Rhodes. He told me that he spotted two American Bald Eagles in the field across the Maple Crest and wondered if I was interested.

Before his statement was finished I had grabbed my camera and was heading out the door. On my way the cell phone rang again. It was Lynda Best. Her husband saw the eagles and called her. She call me, too.

I have a 300 mm zoom lens for bird watching, so I figured where ever these birds were I could locate them.