April 23, 2014

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Married on St. Patrick's Day in the Shannon Theatre, honeymooning in Ireland

The wedding couple - click on image to enlarge

Remember the couple who planned to get married in the Shannon Theatre on St. Patrick's Day and then honeymoon in Ireland?

Click here for a refresher.

Well, they did it. The men in the party were dressed in kilts.


Here's a chance to help Bluffton University graduate David Dellifield

Bluffton University graduate David Dellifield of Ada (a 39 year-old, non-smoker) was diagnosed with Stage 4, well-differentiated squamous-cell carcinoma (throat cancer) on Feb. 2, after going to the doctor for a swollen lymph node and earache.

Dellifield had already begun training for the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. He had already put 125 miles in since 1-1-11. This race will be his 5th FULL Marathon (26.2 miles) since the Flying Pig in May 2009.


Next time you want to tell someone to "shut up," try this clever Swiss dialect phrase (it worked for your great-grandfather)

Next time you want someone to shut up simply say, "Jetzt aber, still." Christine Habegger Purves, writing about some Swiss dialect phrases in the recent Swiss Community Historical Society newsletter says that means: "Now be quiet," or more rudely, "shut up."

There's more and here it comes:

Langi zeiti. A long time.

Es macht mir nuet aus. It makes no difference to me.

Vas gish vas hest. What you get is what you have.

Uf zwei bei wie a 'n' a haube hung. With two legs just like half a dog.


Daylight Saving Time messes with my brain, stomach and lots of other things - and should be outlawed

Ever hear about the west Texas farmer who complained to his Congressman about Daylight Saving Time?

The farmer wanted Congress to repeal the Act because the extra hour of sunlight burnt his crops.

Then, there's an episode on Seinfeld about DST. Kramer always ignored changing his clocks. Somehow I'll have to find the episode. Maybe an Icon Seinfeld fanatic can send the story line. It was pretty good, and really didn't make any sense.


Rest of the U.S. take note

The rest of the United States take note:

While collecting bargaining is a hot topic in Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky and elsewhere, observe how the Bluffton school board and Bluffton school administrators handled pay raises for the 2011-12 school year.

The two groups agreed that no pay increase will take place for administrators next school year.

Realizing that issues such as this can divide states, congressional districts, counties and even school districts, The Icon congratulates the board and administrators on coming to an agreement on this issue as it did.


Not another Bluffton history book? No way - this one comes from our historical wastebasket

Sources waiting to be sorted for the Bluffton history book

Not another Bluffton history book?

No, this is not just "another" Bluffton history book. Here's a history book centering on historical footnotes cut from all the other attempts at writing Bluffton history. You might consider it a collection of scraps from the wastebasket of Bluffton's history writers.

Fred Steiner of The Icon is compiling the book in behalf of the Bluffton Sesquicentennial committee.


Flood a small town and suddenly everyone wants to see what's happening; or how Phil Zimmerly lost his 15 minutes of fame

Phil Zimmerly lost his 15 minutes of fame to a swollen Riley Creek

Flood a small town and suddenly everyone wants to see what's happening. The Feb. 28 flood set one-day viewing records for The Icon.

While The Icon has averaged between 500 to 600 viewers per day on Feb. 28 The Icon had 3,472 individual viewers. That topped the previous record when a deer walked into a downtown Bluffton bar.

On Nov. 6, 2010, The Icon had 1,477 viewers watch the deer crash through Luke's Bar and Grill window. We thought that was impressive.


And honeymoon is in Ireland, of course

Let's get married on St. Patrick's Day in downtown Bluffton.

Could this be the beginning of a trend...downtown Bluffton as a place to get married?

We understand that Timothy L. Mullens, of Sevierville, Tenn., and Heidi Harrington also of Sevierville, are going downtown Bluffton to get hitched.

Heidi is an art education graduate from Bluffton University. Tim attended ONU.


If you are a Beaverdam HS alumnus, does the name Lou Meszaros ring any bells?

This column is exclusively for Beaverdam High School alumni. Tracy Steele provided The Icon with a copy of the Winter 2011 "Tattler." It's the newsletter of the Toledo Woodward High School Hall of Fame Association.

What does this have to do with Beaverdam? Keep reading. On April 9 the 29th annual induction celebration of Woodward's Hall of Fame takes place. One of the inductees is Lou Meszaros (posthumous), who was a science teacher and football coach at Woodward.


Pie heaven

By Julie Stratton
Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio

It is one of those big debates of life that always trip us up and last week it raised it's ugly head in a conversation with my friend, "cake or pie?"

If you have ever found yourself in this debate you will get a vast array of passionate answers. Most people are either one or the other. I have to say that I fall into the pie enthusiast category.