November 27, 2014


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How would you handle the debt crisis?

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Let's have an Internet town meeting.

Tell us your view of the debt ceiling crisis. How would you solve the problem? How would you vote on the bills facing U.S. representatives? How do you feel about 4th district Congressman Jim Jordan's approach toward these issues? Then, there's the notice that the Republicans may redistrict the 4th district out of existence to polish Jordan for his flight with the party establishment. What are your thoughts on that?


You've heard of car washes - but what about "wheel washes"?

Note: With this column The Icon introduces a new photo feature. Eight photos may be viewed easily with this story. Simply click on the top photo and watch the show.

Give a child some soap, water, a bucket and rag and the next thing you know the house is clean. Well, in this case, the children are in the summer day care program at Hilty Memorial Home, Pandora.

Their task - or assignment - eariler this week was simple: scrub down some of the Hilty's senior residents wheel chairs and walkers. When the job is completed, dry them.


When we all scream for ice cream

"I'll take a large vanilla cone, please."

Members the Bluffton fire department answered the call to that request all afternoon on Sunday at the Bluffton Dairy Freeze. Jon Kinn, fire chief, said that the department raised over $350 taking orders and making cones for Bill and Phyllis Marschal's customers.

"It's not our calling, but we did have fun," Kinn admits about the fundraiser. He said that only one cone was dropped during the afternoon.


The dog days of summer

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner

Yesterday morning I asked my husband if he thought the dog's bug bites/rash were making him feeling crummy or if it was just the heat. His response?

"Well, it IS the dog days of summer." Groan.

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About our new horizontal logo

You probably noticed our new logo on the top of our home page. It's one of the changes and additions we are working on this summer.

Since there's no text book on how to create a news website, we've sort of created our own. One element that we overlooked until now is a "hortizonal" logo.


A lesson in branding from Suter's Produce

Suter Produce license plate

There's a difference between "fresh" corn and corn picked the same morning. You can measure it by time zones.

I know. Jerry Suter told me. I watched his crew pick corn this morning. By now that corn, picked a couple hours ago, is being sold in those familiar red trailers in Bluffton, Pandora, Lima, Findlay, Kenton, Wapakoneta, and some other towns that I can't remember.

"Fresh picked" is a grocery term as Jerry sees its. It really means one, two, three or more days old. Not Suter corn. The corn you buy today is picked today.


Think of this like the Los Angeles interstate closed over the weekend

Sorry about that. We didn't mean to mess up your day. You know, no Icon on the internet Tuesday morning.

Fact is we are making some changes - for the better - and like that interstate in Los Angeles, felt it was easier to take the Icon off line while improvements were made.

We took The Icon off line on Monday evening, hoping to be live first thing Tuesday morning. You know how that works. It was more like noon on Tuesday and you probably still see some glitches.

Never fear. These will go away and we will soon share with you several new pieces in the works.


Double feature: Penguins and bridesmaids

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner
Seems like a very long time since we've been to a movie theater, despite the fact that we have such a great one here in town. This is not my husband's choice. In fact, he is usually game to join me at whatever movie I mention wanting to see, including the improperly dubbed "chick flicks".

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He claims that it's simply a matter of an excuse to sit close to me; I suspect it's more likely the promise of heavily buttered popcorn.


The color red

Christine Habegger Purves offers this interesting story about proper clothing. The story is reprinted from the Spring newsletter of the Swiss Community Historical Society.

By Christine Habegger Purves

There was a good bit of argument among the early settlers from Mennonite backgrounds as to proper clothing.

My grandmother, Caroline Riesen, married to Christian Baumgartner, liked a bit of lace at the wrists of her plain clothing. She may have added some colored braid to her daughters' aprons.


"Dodging" another bullet

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner
I've never really understood the fascination that some people have for cars. I'll blame this one on my parents. Unlike other families, we didn't get a new car very often, nor did we have multiple cars....despite the fact that we had five kids.

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