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April 26, 2015


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We are back!

Let the whining begin.

We (The Icon) didn't cause this mess. It was our individual database server. In non-technical terms, it crash landed and we went with it.

So did about 210 other sites hosted by the same server. That can only mean that there are 210 other messages being composed, at this moment, like this one, to their viewers.

Now it's back, but here's the asterisk: The last back up completed by our server company was two weeks ago.


Do you know the story about testing Triplett meters by submerging them in the Buckeye?

Did you ever hear the story about Bert Swank and George Klay testing Triplett meters by submerging them in the Buckeye in the mid-1940s?

Here's an excerpt from the 1940-49 chapter of "A Good Place To Miss - Bluffton Stories 1900-1975."

Following are excerpts from The Tripletter, the Triplet Meter Company publication. The first is a front-page story from April 1945.


Want to hear a couple good Bluffton stories?

Pssst. Want to hear a couple good Bluffton stories? The Icon's book "A Good Place To Miss - Bluffton Stories 1900-1975," is filled with lots of stories too good to miss.

We invite you to attend The Icon's second anniversary party. It's from 6:30 to 8 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 8, at Common Grounds.

You'll get a free cup of Icon coffee some other refreshments and a chance to meet The Icon team. And, if you'd like to go home with some interesting Bluffton reading material, you may buy a copy of "A Good Place To Miss."


My 15 minute brush with fame - Sly of the Family Stone

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner

My first major brush with fame occurred in the early 1970s when I was working as a waitress at Nickerson Farms, one of those themed family restaurants commonly found along the interstate.

For more columns by MPS click here.


A story from "Shedding for the Wedding"

Note: Icon viewers will soon learn more information about the Bluffton Lions Club Foundation Corvette drawing.

In the meantime, Joshua Morris, marketing manager of Allan Nott Honda Toyota Scion of Lima, recently shared this interesting story with The Icon. Here it is in Josh's own words:

"I'm not sure how often everyone keeps up on their reality TV, but, we actually had some contestants from around the Allen and Auglaize County Area compete on Shedding for the Wedding (featured on the CW Network).


The good and other side of Mother Nature - Icon viewers send us photos

Nature can become nasty. Just as Joel Groman.

He sent The Icon this praying mantis suppertime photo. Brenda, Joel's mother, took the photo. The locust was still buzzing when the photo was snapped. Yikes!

Now, to some friendly nature scenes.

Dawn King shared these three photos with The Icon, which she took recently. They show a butterfly that was actually tagged. We've read about them, but this is the first one we've ever seen. Also is a very close-up shot of a bee at work, plus some Buckeye butterflies.


It's more than just another Saturday this week in Bluffton

Let it not be said that The Icon didn't inform you about the great events ready to take place in Bluffton on Saturday. You see, we don't simply watch the seasons change in Bluffton. We sometimes make them change.

Fall is a perfect example. And, Bluffton celebrates the arrival of fall at its eighth annual Fall Festival, Saturday, Sept. 24.

The festival includes activities at seven different locations. Here's information about the day:


Pieman strikes again...this time, "Sinking Dog Pie"

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner

For more MPS columns click here.

Pieman was back at it again yesterday....he was in the kitchen at least half of the day - first making a pie, then meatloaf, bread and rolls. Lest you think we wish to pack on the pounds, think again. This is all HIS stuff and it has to last him a week.


The story of a 52-year-old Bluffton slaw cutter

Paul King shared this interesting story with The Icon today. It's a story about a Bluffton slaw cutter that lasted 52 years.

Here's a portion of a letter sent this week to the slaw cutter company from a customer in Florida:

"Greetings. I put my cole slaw cutter in my suitcase flying out of Orlando, Florida, to my cabin in Illinois. Here is the problem. Cole slaw cutter was missing from my luggage when unpacking in Illinois.


51 years later - an unusual Rudolph Foods story

Here's a story a little outside our viewership area, but it's an interesting one sent to us by our friends at Adman, Lima.

Rudolph Foods has announced the retirement of 51-year veteran Mike Reynolds. Hired in 1960, Reynolds has held a variety of positions with the Westminster-based food company, starting as a corn popper.