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April 29, 2016


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Some people treat Maple Grove Cemetery as a dog park


My husband and I have noticed lately that a lot of people seem to be using Maple Grove Cemetary as a dog park. There have been several instances where we have gone out there and have seen people walking their dogs or just letting them run freely.

We have also witnessed someone letting their dog run around urinating on headstones while the owner just walked around talking on their cell phone.


How do Allen County health rankings stack up with Ohio's 87 other counties?

How do Ohio counties measure up on access to healthy foods, obesity rates, teen births, education, and single parent families, and how are these factors linked to health?

The third County Health Rankings is now available and will allow residents look at how healthy Allen County is, see what factors affect their health, and compare Allen County to others in Ohio.


Icon misinformed about raising wooden pool from bottom of Buckeye

Bluffton Buckeye swimming pool circa 1920s

The Icon apologizes for mis-information provided about reported plans to raise the wooden floating swimming pool from the depths of the Buckeye (Click here for that story, read by over 675 viewers).


And now we present Icon Publications...bottom right corner of the home page

Icon viewers:

Allow us to draw your attention to the bottom right side of our home page. There you'll see The Icon's most recent addition to our regular features. Thanks to a program called "Issuu" we are able to present material in a booklet or magazine format.

Earlier you may have noticed our posting of "Explore Bluffton." That was our first venture into this new feature.

At the moment, you'll see what we titled "The colors of spring in Bluffton, Ohio." It's a book, or magazine on the web featuring photos of Bluffton in full bloom.


Student responds: The true regular scene in Bluffton

By Kirstie Runion
Bluffton University student

A jogger with an iPod or a family walking a dog may be regularly seen in Bluffton-not "college students walking back to campus drunk after hitting the bars."

I would know. I am a senior at Bluffton University and have called it home for three years now. Majoring in English and Writing, it was hard for me to read such a biased story in Friday's Lima News.

The words and assumptions that were published in the article about a Bluffton student assault were hurtful to the university and community.


One more new Icon feature - Icon Publications

Just when you think you've seen it all, The Icon adds something new. Check out the "Icon Publications" at the bottom right of our homepage.

Earlier this spring you viewed Explore Bluffton, a 36-page booklet, called the Bluffton visitor's guide.

We've posted a new booklet for you titled "Icon Book of Spring Blooms, 2012." This new feature enables The Icon to create an online magazine that viewers are able to "turn the pages."


Once a Beaver, now a RedHawk - Ed Stults joins Miami (Ohio) football coaching staff

Hey, Ed, can you get us some tickets to the Ohio State-Miami game?

Remember Bluffton alumnus Ed Stults? He's now a new coach at Miami (Ohio). Guess where they play their first game this year? (Answer below)

Joining the RedHawk staff are former Miami star Ron Carpenter and veteran coach Stults. Carpenter will coach MU's defensive backs and Stults will work with the RedHawk offensive line.


Check out a "Bluffton" quote in the official Michigan Travel Ideas magazine

Icon viewer Dick Jordan pointed out an interesting "it's a small world" connection in the current issue of the Michigan Travel Ideas" official state travel guide.

One page in the guide refers to the Grand Haven area of western Michigan. Jim and Pat King of Bluffton are quoted in that section. Their part in the guide follows: "Jim and Pat King of Bluffton, Ohio, are looking at the paintings, too. Pat says they return to this area every year, this time with their grown kids. "We're in love with the lake - we always have to have something to remember it by."


Ada First United Methodist Church destroyed by fire

On Wednesday afternoon you could still smell the smoke from the Lincoln Highway. The day before, neighboring community, Ada, lost one of its structural gems to fire - its First United Methodist Church, at the north end of Ada's Main Street business district.

The cause of the blaze remains under investigation. Children from a Head Start day care center, housed in the church, escaped without injury.

Main Street, Ada, which is also State Route 235, is closed within a block of the church and traffic is rerouted around Ada.


An update on Rick Emmert, Bluffton High School 1968 grad

Note: Our Bluffton High School classmate, Rick Emmert, provides updates from time to time about his experiences in Japan, where he lives.

The following is an e-mail update that we think Icon viewers who know Rick will appreciate. For more details, click on the links.

Dear Family and Friends,