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January 21, 2017


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You'll see this plate on a white Ford. It stands for a former Bluffton business, Dunifon Oil.

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BHS Football Moms invite groups to join homecoming parade Oct. 19

The Bluffton High School Football Moms invite local businesses, churches and organization to participate in the Friday, Oct. 19, BHS homecoming football parade.

Parade line up starts at 5 p.m. The parade starts at 6 p.m. Line up is at The Centre and Bluffton Community Swimming Pool parking lot.

Groups may offer give-a-ways to persons watching the parade but these items must be handed out by walker and not thrown from participating floats or vehiciles.

For more information contact the Football Moms at 419-516-3260.


Photo essay of a master craftsman at work

Let's place this photo essay in the spirit of Charles Hilty. He had a knack for taking photos of what he called town characters but printed them in the local paper under the theme "Faces you know," or similar polite headlines.

So, along comes Denny Morrison with a camera. Let me tell you, Denny is a master craftsman himself. He tools by Larry Core, who is working outside in his yard on who-know's-what. Denny stops, talks with Larry, snaps some photos and goes on his way.


Randy Stewart declared winner of week 5 football contest; Bollenbacher and Fleharty still leaders

Ten contestants correctly picked 14 games this week. Five of those were eliminated in the first tie-breaker.

The remaining five each picked the same two correct tie-breakers. To break the tie, we declared that the the contestant who was the earliest to enter this week's contest (of the five who tied), would be declared the winner.

Randy Stewart, who submitted his enter on Sept. 17 at 4:07 p.m., is therefore declared the winner.

This week's results:


Becky Warren wins this week's football contest; Duane Bollenbacher, Todd Fleharty contest leaders

The winner of Week 4 of the Icon Football Contest is Becky Warren who correctly picked 13 games this week. 

Other contestants:


Full Sound performace At Maple Crest "highest caliber"

Full Sound performance at Maple Crest

Maple Crest and Bluffton community residents were treated to a professional classical concert of the highest caliber by a chamber group known as "Full Sound" on Sept. 2.
It was a bit like having the "Von Trapp Family" performing as four of the five members of the group belong to one family of Austrian background (the Loritsch family).
The four Loritsch boys range in age from 16 to 22 years old, but play their instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass, and piano) like masters, and arrange much of the music themselves.


Hey, slow down and check out these flowers

If the amen of nature is always a flower, then this garden is an amen with an explanation point.

It's one of those flower beds you wish you could transplant in your own yard. Linda Suter, 122 Grove St., says it's all Bob's. "He did it," she said. 

The short version is that Bob went to Stratton's Greenhouse, came home with annuals recommended by Susie Stratton, dug a trench, put it good soil (no clay soil here), and the rest is history.


"Dewey defeats Truman" and "Romey tells his story" - both collector's items

We realize mistakes happen. We make them all the time. But, we didn't make this one.

In presidential politics, perhaps the most classic error was when a prominent Chicago newspaper in 1948 announced that “Dewey defeats Truman.” You’ve seen the photo of Truman holding the newspaper.

What we didn’t realize was the Mike Romey, president of Citizens National Bank, is the 2012 Republican candidate for president. Read on:

In this morning’s The Lima News, the newspaper omitted the “n” in Romney. Thus, Romney became “Romey.”


Look who's one-half year old! Bluffton Icon's sister publication, The Ada Icon!

In mid-September, The Bluffton Icon's sister publication, The Ada Icon, will be six months old. We like to take a moment and share with viewers some of the interesting stats about we've experienced in our first six months with The Ada Icon.
If you've not yet checked it out go here: www.adaicon.com.
These are according to Google Analytics:
7,450 total visits to the site
3,474 individual viewers (some check in twice a day!)
20,322 pages visited
2.73 pages views per each visit


Thanks to Jack Travis, The Icon offers you the serious and funny side of Phyllis Diller - check out the video

NOTE: The video is at the bottom of this story.
The Bluffton Icon presents a never-before-seen video interview with the late Phyllis Diller. Dr. Jack (Tony) Travis, Bluffton native, BHS graduate, and friend of Ms. Diller forwarded this video to The Icon.
This shows two sides of Phyllis: a serious side, as she discusses the benefits of breastfeeding; and, then in the last 30 seconds, Phyllis lays on a joke and provides us with her famous "laugh."


Jail bird latest visitor at Icon aviary

You never know what bird will show up at your bird feeder. Too many varieties of sparrows to keep track of, cardinals, gold finches, mourning doves, and occasional cat bird...you know the usual visitors. Recently a different type of bird showed up at this feeder.

The only thing that's bird-like about this little guy is, perhaps, jail bird. A chipmonk recently joined the crowd of feathered friends at one of the Icon's Grov Street bird feeders. It appears that he's figured out how to bypass the squirrel-proof feeder.