September 23, 2014


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Two fish stories from the same Bluffton girl; if you don't believe us, ask Gary Kirtland

Two catches of the day


Here's a couple fishing stories worth repeating. First, can you figure out what each of these photos has in common?

Answer: Kathy Kirtland Lanning is in both. She's Gary Kirtland's sister, BHS 1968 grad, now living in Colorado.


My notable death - it could happen twice

I hope this happens to you some day. It happened to Mark Twain, I think. You know the story about Twain apparently seeing his obituary in the newspaper and then following up with his famous: "the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

In Sunday's Lima News Fred Steiner's name was listed under notable deaths. First, I pinched myself, then with keen interest, read Fred Steiner's notable obit.


Internet follows former Bluffton resident's Syrian lesbian hoax

The story of a former Bluffton resident, Tom MacMasters, who allegedly posed as a fake Syrian lesbian, is being following across the Internet.

Here's the lastest from gawker.com.

Here's the latest from The New York Times.


What I really learned on my summer vacation: goat-milking and cheese-making

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner

Okay, I'll admit the first 2/3 of my vacation wasn't intended to be educational although I did learn a few things while relaxing on Tybee.

Helpful things...or at least helpful for the next time I'm near a beach.

I now know that that the sting of a jellyfish does not always cause an adverse reaction on humans, and, by watching a few very young experts, I learned how to pick them up and fling them to the beach.


Keep this one quiet, but there's a significant retirement party Friday afternoon at Family Dollar

Imagine this: As the Bluffton sesquicentennial launches, one Main Street retirement signals the end of that family's 125-year involvement on Main Street. Okay, in this case it's Cherry Street, but who's looking.

Is it three or four generations? We'll report back to you soon.

We aren't naming any names, but an open house from 1 to 4 p.m., Friday, June 24, at Family Dollar will reveal all you need to know.


What I did on my summer vacation

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner

Upon returning to Bluffton after spending over one week on Tybee Island, Georgia, we file this report. Click here for more columns by MPS.

On my summer vacation, I...


Runners, take your marks....

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner

For other columns by MPS click here.

In 1974 - that's 37 years ago for those of you trying to do the math - I went to the OHSAA state track meet in Columbus. Not to run. My own obsession with running didn't start until two years later.


One year of The Icon You Tube channel - over 15,000 views later

Bluffton, Ohio, goes to the movies.

Memorial Day 2011 marked the first anniversary of The Bluffton Icon YouTube video channel. Our first-ever video was of the 2010 Memorial Day Parade. Since then The Icon has posted nearly 100 videos.

To view the latest video - middle school out for the summer - click here.

To view elementary out for the summer click here.


On hailstones, tornadoes, stalled traffic and full bladders

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner
It's one thing to be sitting in your house, listening to hailstones hit the roof. It's quite another thing to be driving in a car when ping-pong sized hailstones begin smacking the car. It's loud. Distracting. Frightening.


Not too long ago - reflections of a member of the BHS class of 1961

Rudi Steiner, Icon columnist-in-residence, provided the following column in anticipation of the Bluffton High School class of 1961 50th reunion in July. It was recently e-mailed to members of the class. Rudi now of Homewood, Illinois, is the brother of Fred Steiner of Bluffton.