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Need a place to park your bike on Main Street? No problem

Bike racks in four downtown locations will handle 17 bikes

As Bluffton becomes a more friendly bicycle village, more incentives become available to encourage bike use here.

The most recent is the creation of 17 bicycle parking spaces to be installed this fall along the Main Street business district.

The bike racks come as a result of a $5,000 grant from the Allen County Health Department’s "Creating Healthy Communities.”

Those 17 parking spaces are planned for:
• Town hall (3 spaces)
• Presbyterian alley (4)
• Edward Jones alley on North Main (5)
• Book ReViews alley (5)

It is anticipated that the village of Bluffton will contribute to the project. The bike racks are on order and the village may add additional racks next year. Signage will be placed in nearby businesses pointing customers to the bike racks.

Participating with the Allen County Healty Communities and Bluffton Lions Club Foundation in the bike rack project are Masterpiece Signs and Patriot Concrete. 

Examples of those informational signs are part of this story. The gray signs will be posted in business windows pointing to the bike racks. The sign with black lettering will be installed at the bike racks.

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