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October 20, 2021

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Abraham and Anna Locher Lugibihl

Our Swiss connection - part 9

This is the ninth installment in this series. Click here for the previous installment.
Note the various spellings of Lugibihl in this story.

Abraham Lugibihl was born Nov. 11, 1838, in Riley Township. He was the sixth of 10 children born to John C. and Anna Marie “Thüler”  (Americanized to Diller) Luginbuhl. The family came from France in 1824 to Holmes County, Ohio, and then to Riley Township in 1837.

Abraham, along with his father and older brothers, helped to clear the land, which at that the time was a virgin forest. With his marriage to Anna Locher, he lived on the family farm for 68 years. It was located three and one-half miles southeast of Pandora. Anna was born Feb. 15, 1846, in Hasle Emmenthal Canton Bern, Switzerland, and was the daughter of John and Elisabeth (Burkhart) Locher.

The Locher family came from Switzerland to Wayne County, Ohio, in 1854. Eight years later in 1862, they moved to the Bluffton Swiss Settlement. They were married on Aug. 6, 1863. Anna died on June 4, 1928, at age 83. Abraham died on May 27, 1929, at age 90. Both are buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery east of Pandora.

Abraham and Anna had nine children, each born in Riley Township.

Abraham Lugibihl
Born: Nov. 11, 1838, Riley Township
Died: May 27, 1929, Bluffton
Buried: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Pandora
Married: Aug. 6, 1863, Putnam County
Spouse: Anna Locher
Born: Feb. 15, 1846, Hasle Emmenthal, Bern, Switzerland
Died: June 4, 1928, Bluffton
Buried: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Pandora

Abraham's father: John C. Luginbuhl Sager Hans (1803-1873)
Abraham's mother: Anna Marie Thüler (1798-1853)

Anna's father: John Locher (1821 - )
Anna's mother: Elisabeth Burkholder (1822-1898)

Abraham and Anna's children
Sarah Lugibihl
Born: Sept. 21, 1864, Riley Township
Died: Feb. 27, 1951, Putnam County
Spouse: Jonathan J. Amstutz
4 children

Peter Lugibihl
Born: June 4, 1866, Riley Township
Died: Aug. 2, 1866, Riley Township

Marie Lugibihl
Born: May 5, 1868, Riley Township
Died: Dec. 7, 1933, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit
Spouse: Jonas A. Amstutz
6 children
Spouse: George F. Barnes

Lena Lugibihl
Born: April 18, 1870, Riley Township
Died: Jan. 10, 1905, Riley Township
Spouse: Adam Amstutz
7 children

Joshua G. Lugibihl
Born: April 13, 1872, Riley Township
Died Feb. 7, 1900, Bluffton
Spouse: Carrie Romey
2 children

Levi (Lee) Lugibihl
Born: May 16, 1875, Riley Township
Died: July 25, 1938, Findlay, Ohio
Spouse: Susan Amstutz
3 children

Elizabeth Lugibihl Lacey
Born: Nov. 25, 1877, Riley Township
Died Sept. 20, 1958, Pandora
Spouse: Noah G. Steiner
7 children

Susan Lugibuhl
Born: Nov. 26, 1879, Riley Township
Died: Oct. 5, 1962, Bluffton
Spouse: Dr. John J. Sutter
6 children

William J. Lugibihl
Born: April 23, 1882, Riley Township
Died April 28, 1950, Bluffton
Spouse: Zelma M. Amstutz
8 children