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4 candidates file for 4 Bluffton council seats in November

This story was updated Friday morning with additional information

THIS STORY WAS UPDATED AT 10:55 A.M. MAY 7 - On Thursday, the Allen County board of elections did not provide the Icon with a complete list of persons filing for Bluffton council seats in the Nov. 2 general election.

The board chair notified the Icon of the omission this morning. We now know that four persons have filed for the four seats on the Nov. 2 Bluffton council ballot. They are:
• Mitch Kingsley, Democrat
• Jerry Cupplies, independent
• Phill Talavinia, independent
• David Steiner, independent

Yesterday, the election board omitted, by error, David Steiner's name on the list for persons filing to be on the ballot.

Each of the four candidates are currently on council.

Two Bluffton council members whose terms do not expire this year are Ben Stahl and Joe Sehlhorst. Mayor Richard Johnson is also not up for reelection this year.

School board
In addition to Bluffton council races, three seats on the Bluffton school board will be on the November ballot. The deadline for filing for school board is Aug. 4.

Bluffton school board seats on the ballot are currently held by:
• Bradley Dailey
• Wesley Klinger
• Kenneth Lugibihl

School board members not on the ballot:
• Lawrence Hoffman
• Jeremy Scoles