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Jazzercize fundraiser: "Sweating for Baby Ellie"

At 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 4, Jazzercize at Bluffton Family Recreation is hosting a "give back" opportunity and free exercise class for baby Ellie, the daughter of Sarah and Christian Koch and granddaugher of Dave and Julie Stratton, who was born prematurely and is hospitalized.

Organizers note that Ellie "...needs prayers of strength and her family needs them too! We can all do that! Can we also all show up to a free workout Saturday morning at 8:00 am sharp? (This is our regularly schedule jazzercise weekend class). We can find the strength for Ellie so let’s all get stronger together and with her!"

Participants are invited to bring their donation to one of the instructors. Donations of cash, check, gift cards, gas cards and "anything to help this family during this time" are requested.

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