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$50,000 Hankish scholarship fund established

Anyone who knew the late Theda Hankish realized her love of students and education. At the October meeting of the Bluffton school board action will take place in behalf of Theda's estate that will help students in the Bluffton schools further their education.

The Bluffton School Board will approve and set into motion the Hankish Scholarship Endowment Fund. The fund, from Theda's estate, is in the amount of $50,000 according to Greg Denecker, Bluffton superintendent.


South America map discovered in guard rail post

Darvin Luginbuhl would call this "found art." Whatever it is, an outline of the South American continent has cropped up in a guard rail post along the north side of the National Quarry. Mapologists are trying it figure out the other islands or bodies of land on the map. One school of thought is that the land mass to the west of South America is the lost continent of Atlantis. If that is the case, the map could be worth thousands of dollars. Other argue, however, being in the Pacific, it is in the wrong continent. In that case, the map may be a fake, but a good one.


Maurice Fett always had Bluffton in mind

Iconoclast view

It's hard to image a Bluffton without Maurice Fett. In the prime of his life, he was part of everything that moved in Bluffton's business community. His involvement included the Bluffton Stone Company, the first streetscape program, Citizens National Bank, American Legion and Main Street businesses (He owned Fett's Hardware).


Say it ain't so: Larry Core retires from the fire department

Iconoclast view

After attending the Oct. 12 Bluffton council meeting I learned that Larry Core is retiring from the Bluffton fire department. Someone at the meeting asked how long Larry was a member of the department.

Chief Bowden's reply was: "Our records don't go back that far."


About those Main Street "boxes"

It's exciting to watch the changing face of Main Street while the streetscape program unveils before our eyes. Certainly, there was intial cause to question the walkway designs that stretch out into the street. We'll find out how long those last after the first huge snowfall of the season.

A: Will the snowplows work around these artistic wonders?, or,

B: After the snowplows clean the streets, will these walkways still exist?

Stay tuned.


Who are those guys?

"Who are those guys?"

Remember that line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Paul Neuman asks the question after being followed all the way to Bolivia by, well, who are those guys?

I'm asking myself the same question as I write this.

Here's why. Considering the unofficial Icon launch on Sept. 27, here's some interesting info from seven days online:

603 visits

5,741 page views

9.52 pages viewed per visit

7:43 average time spent on the site per visit

And...most of the visitor information is actually since Oct. 1!