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Iconoclast View

About those Main Street "boxes"

It's exciting to watch the changing face of Main Street while the streetscape program unveils before our eyes. Certainly, there was intial cause to question the walkway designs that stretch out into the street. We'll find out how long those last after the first huge snowfall of the season.

A: Will the snowplows work around these artistic wonders?, or,

B: After the snowplows clean the streets, will these walkways still exist?

Stay tuned.


Who are those guys?

"Who are those guys?"

Remember that line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Paul Neuman asks the question after being followed all the way to Bolivia by, well, who are those guys?

I'm asking myself the same question as I write this.

Here's why. Considering the unofficial Icon launch on Sept. 27, here's some interesting info from seven days online:

603 visits

5,741 page views

9.52 pages viewed per visit

7:43 average time spent on the site per visit

And...most of the visitor information is actually since Oct. 1!


Who is waving in the photo?

Perhaps you've wondered about the photo on the masthead of The Icon. You've studied it and maybe think you've identified, Dick Cookson, Katheryn Patterson, Christine Purves and maybe even Clarence Kooker. You are on the right track. The photo shows residents of Maple Crest. The event was the 10th anniversary celebration of Maple Crest held in late September.


A Bluffton Saturn story

While the recent announcement that GM's Saturn vehicles will cease production is a blow to the American economy, here's a sideline to the story worth our consideration.

In the early stages of Saturn's creation there was speculation that one of the plant sites under consideration by General Motors was near Bluffton. With the village on Interstate 75 and within short driving distance of Detroit, the speculation may have been accurate.


X marks the spot

Note: Material in "The Leek" follows in the great journalistic tradition of "The Onion," a national publication, which covers news like no other publication dares.

Bluffton residents awoke on Oct. 1 to the sight of several "X" and dotted lines marked in white on Main Street. Speculation quickly rambled through coffee clitches around the community as to the meaning of the markings.