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Retiring mama

I have a lot of heroes, but the one that ranks right up at the top is my mother. She'll probably snort with laughter when she sees that, but it's true. After all, how many 87-year-olds still work at two different retail stores several times a month, teach piano lessons, walk a half mile or ride a stationary bike most days, drive themselves most places, act as chauffeur to their non-driving friends, serve as an officer in her quilt club, make quilts for their grandchildren, take courses through ILR, sing in the Messiah every year and sing in the church choir?


Going to the dogs

Our house is (literally) going to the dogs. At the moment, one tiny Schnauzer is curled up in what he thinks is his chair -- the recliner -- pretending to be asleep because he thinks he's so cute that no one will bother him. He's right. He's cute.

In the living room, Harvey, a large black lab-dachschund-Bassett hound blend has taken over the couch. One sleepy eye opens slowly whenever someone approaches. He too is convinced that he so cute no one would dream of making him share his perch. He too is probably correct in his assumptions.


Ah, shopping for Christmas in downtown Lima circa 1957

No question about it.

My memories of the best Christmas ever come in a package wrapped from stores located in the Lima square.

I know. It's sounds impossible to viewers born after Neil A. walked on the moon; but it's true.

There was nothing...nothing like going to Lima and shopping downtown for Christmas. Picture this: Somewhere on South Main there was Porter's Music Store. You could actually select a 33 1/3 rpm album, enter a listening booth and listen to the album in privacy. That way you'd know if you wanted to buy it or pass.


Welcome to Icon clue hunt number 1


Welcome to The Icon clue hunber number one. It's a test run. No prizes. It's a prototype to work out the kinks. We invite Icon viewers to try this clue hunt, react to us and in early 2010 we will launch a hunt on a regular basis with prizes. So, imagine there are prizes for this one, try it and see how it works.


The very best Christmas gift

Over the past 53 (ulp) Christmases, many gifts have appeared under my tree. In fact, looking back, there have been far too many gifts -- many more than any one person deserves. There have probably been some duds along the way, but quite honestly, I can't name one.


Search for simplicity

Okay, I'm the first to admit that I like nice things, and that I probably spend more money on a single pair of shoes that some people would spend on three or four pairs. But when you have feet built like mine, you learn that a $30 pair of flats just won't cut it. I recently walked into my favorite sewing machine store and walked out with a computerized, digital sewing machine. We also own (and use) four computers -- two Macs, a Dell, and an HP.