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Iconoclast View

Organized vs. disorganized

By the age of 53, you would think I'd learned the fine art of organization. But maybe it has nothing to do with age. Probably it's genetic. Here's where I get to blame my parents for something -- my tendency toward disorganization. It's all their fault.

So here I am...married to Mr. Organization himself. I'd hoped that after 30 years of marriage, I'd have gained some of his skills through osmosis. Nope. Hasn't happened.


More random thoughts

You know how there are days when you've really screwed up and by the time you get home from work, your brain can conjure up only brief, random thoughts? Nothing really connects to the next thought except the realization that your brain is short circuited for the evening. Or maybe you don't have those kind of days. I do. This is one of them.


Ghosts of the past

As is true for many outdoor sports enthusiasts, the snow, ice and chill of Ohio's winter has forced me indoors for my morning runs and walks. Running round and round on the local rec track isn't my preferred way to get in my miles, but I do love running in shorts and a tee shirt. To vary the scenery, I sometimes do my walk days at the elementary school where the halls are long and turns are less frequent than the track.


Iconoclast view: Thanks, Bruce

Bluffton has been fortunate in recent years to have a council made up of a great cross-section of the community. We have persons from several backgrounds, all willing to contribute to the discussions of where the village ought to be headed.



I think I must be the best procrastinator in the world. Take today for example. There are about 50 things I could be doing, but I just don't feel like doing them. Since the world won't fall apart if I don't get them done immediately, why not sit here a few minutes longer and ponder which one I should do first.


If you think baby names of '09 are interesting, read the list from '49 and '50

"Where's Tom, Dick or Mary?" I thought to myself.

Don't know where they are; but do know where they aren't. They are not on the list baby names of 2009 from the Bluffton Hospital.

It doesn't really matter that they aren't there. It's simply an observation that times change and names go with the times. While some of the names on the "born in 2009" list seem foreign to our ears, allow me to share some really foreign names.