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And then I started to wonder...did Perry Mason ever lose?

This meandering train-of-thought piece I hereby dedicate to Ring Lardner, champ of this writing genre. It also enables me to misspell words and get away with it.

By Fred Steiner

After escaping last week's snow drift (think Herman Melville's White Whale), I decided to set things straight in my life.


Do you know the story about the BHS grad with 4 Super Bowl rings?

By Fred Steiner

Think you know every Super Bowl football fact worth chewing on? Think again.

Bet you didn't know a Bluffton High School grad, now deceased, owned four Super Bowl rings. Think hard. Hint: He's Mary Amstutz's brother...or if you still need help...he's Steve Amstutz's (a.k.a. Mr. A) uncle.

Neil Schmidt, a 1947 Bluffton High School graduate, who you could say was the greatest Bluffton athlete of his era, owned four Super Bowl rings. I know. I saw 'em.


All I wanted was a day-old roll from the bakery

By Fred Steiner

All I wanted was a one-day-old roll from The Dough Hook.

But, it became much more complicated than that last Saturday. Complicated for several reasons. For starters, I forgot to take my pills, so I stopped into Common Grounds for a quick jolt. Was planning on informing Phil Zimmerly that his chamber renewal was up.

Being the end of the month he and one other guy started moaning about bills due on the 31st. So, I kept my mouth shut.


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So you have some questions about cameras?

Welcome to the world of photography
By Fred Steiner

(copyrighted, please request permission to reprint)

Note to Icon viewers: People are always asking me questions about photograpy. So, to help them out, I put together this piece on digital cameras. It even has a quiz at the end. I hope this information helps you. (This is the first part of a series that was never completed.)


Why why why why why?

Anyone who has spent time with a toddler is all too familiar with the "why" stage. Every statement that an adult makes is followed by a tiny, pestering, voice asking "Why?" The too-pat answer of "Just because" rarely ends that conversation because children of that stage just won't give up. Eventually, they grow up and in their teen years, the conversation flips to the parent always asking "Why?" Of course, by then the child no longer cares to continue any conversation with his or her parents and the "why" becomes moot.