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7 DNA is on a white Lexus. At the wheel is Ann Leader and sometimes Don. Okay, help us out, what's the specific meaning of the plate?

Who is WICKS 1?


Here's what we know about this plate. It's on a Dodge parked on Franklin Street between the Middle School and High School. Viewers, please help us on this on.

Garlands hung on Saturday a.m.

Members of the Bluffton Volunteer Fire Department will string Main Street garlands on Saturday morning, Nov. 14, according to Dan Bowden, fire chief.

Bowden said that if a rain date is needed, the garlands will be strung on Saturday, Nov. 21, instead.

Main Street businesses need to place their garlands in front of their business early Saturday morning on Nov. 14 so that the fire department has access to them.

It's on a white Mustang


The next white Mustang that passes you, check out the plate. It may be Charlyn. We photographed this plate while the vehicle was parked on Franklin Street between the high school and middle school. Anyone who might identify the driver, please make a comment.

Record highs on Nov. 7 and Nov. 8

Weather report for Nov. 1-9

- Provided by Guy Verhoff, Pandora weather observer

Any guess on this plate?


We've seen this plate around town for several years. Any guesses on its meaning?