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Bluffton Forever: It's January 1965

By Fred Steiner

It's January 1965. Dick Boehr took this photo of the Stauffer Brother's Pure Oil station at the corner of Main and Elm - directly across from the town hall.

We can't read the gas pumps, except that leaded gas was around 33 cents a gallon.

Today a different building stands there, housing Smith Realty, Padrone's Pizza and Ameriprise.

Here are several observations about this photo and Icon viewers are invited to offer more thoughts.

It appears that a 1955 Oldsmobile, with its hood up, is parked on at the station. The vehicle on the street could be a 1947 or 1948 what? Chevy? Ford? Help us out, Icon viewers.


Notice the downtown Christmas ornaments. And check the sidewalk and curb. Not much to brag about there.

Look at the attractive light pole. Aren't we glad that those poles are history?

Take time to look at the brick building on the other side of the street. Today that's the A to Z Meats. In 1965 it was a Marathon station. Did Cookson's or Hardwick's run it? You'll notice that you could drive your car "into" the building to fill up your tank.

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