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In 1880 Gustavus Adolphus was the talk of Bluffton

By Fred Steiner

A man named Gustavus Adolphus lived in Bluffton in 1880. That’s one name he went by. He also went by the name Dr. Rosenberg.

Another Gustavus Adolphus (1594-1632) was once the King of Sweden. A college in St. Peter, Minnesota, founded in 1862, carries also his name.

One of the most peculiar stories ever published in the Bluffton News centers on our Gustavus Adolphus Rosenberg.

We refer to this story from the Nov. 11, 1880, Bluffton News. It’s rather short, but full of images and descriptions that makes us wonder if Bluffton today is a pretty dull place to live.

Placing this story in a better context, in 1880, the Bluffton population was not quite 1,500 persons. The Bluffton News was in its fourth year. The town hall was not yet built and many buildings on Main Street did not yet exist.

For the interesting story of Gustavus, click HERE.


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