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October 27, 2020

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December weather summary

December weather summary

From Guy Verhoff, Pandora weather observer

December average temperature 28.6 degrees F

December normal average temp 29.2

December precip 2.12 inches

December normal average precip 2.74

December snowfall 6.6

December high temp 52 on Dec. 1

December low temp 11 on Dec. 10

2009 weather summary

2009 Weather Summary
from the Official Weather Station,
33-6405-1 at Pandora, Ohio


1 - Average Max. Temp
2 - Average Min. Temp
3 - Average Temp.
4 - Absolute Max. Temp
5 - Absolute Min. Temp.
6 - Precitation Total (inches)
7 - Snow Total (inches)

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Von D. Kuldau 1935-2009

Von D. Kuldau, 74, of Superior, Wics., died Dec. 30, 2009, at his residence in Superior. He was born Feb. 11, 1935, in Indiana. On July 24, 1960, he married Janice E. Moyer and she preceded him in death on Feb. 18, 1998.

Dr. Kuldau was a retired professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology at the University of Wisconsin, Superior. He also served in the Air Force National Guard. He was a graduate of Wabash High School, Manchester College and received his PhD. From Ball State University.


Random thoughts from 2009

From http://steinermp.wordpress.com/

It's 8:15 p.m. Dec. 31, 2009. I have just been beaten in Scrabble -- again -- by my mother, who does the Sudoku puzzle every day and has a mind like a steel trap. This I know is true. She is smarter than anyone else I know, maybe even smarter than my dad. He couldn't -- or maybe wouldn't -- balance the checkbook, but could dissect a cat with his eyes blindfolded.


Dec. 24-30 Southgate Lanes report

Scores bowled on: Dec.26
Boys High Game

Danny Klingler 119
Noah Woodruff 102
Hunter Foltz 100
Brayton Businger 100


What we'd like to see in Bluffton in 2010

It's crazy, but for the past several years we've been able to name the year by simply stating "07," or "08," or "09." Not no more. "0 10"? It's simply "10," and it is bound to cause confusion.

Perhaps that's why "10" is going to be such a confused year in our prediction. There are several things we'd like to see in "10." There we said it again, and still comes out confusing.

Anyway, we'd like to see the following in "10" but don't bet on it.

1 - A return of the College-Main stop light.

2 - Mayor's court remain in Bluffton.