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Bike and pedestrian count underway

Ninth year of the project shows that bikers and pedestrian traffic is increasing in Bluffton

You will see many Bluffton residents parked in strategic locations around town this week with a notepad and pencil.

They are volunteers involved in a twice-a-year bike and pedestrian count in the village. Twenty-seven residents are involved in this week's count.

You’ll find them near the Lion’s Way path on Lake Street, on College Avenue near the Triplett Bike Path, at Main and Parkview, at Augsburger and Elm Street and a couple other locations in town.

Richard Ramseyer, chair of the Bluffton pathway board, says that this is the ninth year for the twice-a-year count. One takes place in September, and the other in May.

Information on Bluffton bike usage and pedestrian travel goes to Tom Mazur of the Lima Allen County Regional Planning Commission. He forwards Bluffton stats to state and federal agencies involved in bicycle and pathway planning.

Ramseyer said that since the counts began nine years ago bike and pedestrian traffic has increased in Bluffton drastically.

Here is a list of volunteer involved in the Bluffton count that takes place from May 11 to 17.

Lion Alan Yoder
Lion Joe Sehlhorst
Lion Ron Lora
Lion Mitch Kingsley
Lion Gene Long

Lion Clair Winebar
Lion Greg Denecker
Lion Gary  Graham
Lion Dick McGarrity
Bob Suter

Fred Steiner
Lion Patty Navin
Lion Don Hostetler 
Gary Bishop
Lion Lowell Hostetler

Dr. Jane Wood
Lion Dan Diller
Lion Ted Cunningham
Lion Tom Edwards
Lion Jesse Blackburn

Lion Bob Stahl
Lion Laura Voth
Lion Neil Reichenbach
Lion Corwin Croy

Lion Ed Yeager
Lion Ryan DeMarco
Lion Dick Ramseyer


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