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Bluffton's brewery cave 

This photo could easily be one of Bluffton’s top 10 mysterious locations. This doorway no longer exists and you have to be in your seventh, eighth or older decade to recognize its location. It was once the entrance to a cave used by a brewery near Thurman and Washington streets. The story is at

Who created Bluffton Forever? “Fred Steiner created [it] for your enjoyment. As a Bluffton lifer, he is a 1968 Bluffton High School alum, spent one year at Bluffton College and graduated from Bowling Green State University with a journalism degree in 1972.  

“He edited the Bluffton News, from 1978 to 2009 - minus a 5-year stint somewhere inside that era as editorial director of CSS Publishing House, Lima. 

“Then in 2008 Fred created Bluffton Icon and later Ada Icon, community journalism websites. He sold them in 2021.”