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May snowfalls in 1923 and 1883

Two hours spent on a snowy I-75 had the Icon editor feeling pretty sorry for herself on April 18, 2022. But this Bluffton News excerpt from Fred Steiner at is a topper's club story to beat our 1.3 inches of snow that quickly melted. 

May snow storm

Wednesday morning

A winter snowstorm on a small scale swept over town for several hours Wednesday morning. The snow flurries were accompanied by rain and colder weather.

Old-timer residents recalled events of forty years ago when this section was covered with a snowfall of 18 inches on May 22, 1883, blanketing fields of corn and sleighing parties enjoyed along country roads bordered with fruit trees in full bloom.

The clipping is from May 10, 1923, Bluffton News.

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