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Remembering past Bluffton High School graduations

With the Bluffton University commencement of 2022 celebrated on May 7 and the Bluffton High School ceremonies in our sights on May 28, you may be preoccupied with what the future will bring for these young people.

In a hundred year's time will Blufftonites be reading about them?

In a series of blogs for, Fred Steiner provides us with lists of and information about Bluffton High School graduates beginning in 1881.

1881-1899 - they hold BHS diplomas

1900-1930 - BHS graduates

1949 BHS graduating class in Washington, D.C.

1950-1959 BHS graduates

Regarding the attached photo, Steiner notes, "This is the earliest known photo of the entire high school student body, which includes sophomores, class of 1902, juniors, class of 1901, and seniors class of 1900."

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