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1974 WBGU documentary Bluffton USA now streaming online

In 1974 WBGU-TV produced the 58-minute documentary "Bluffton, USA." Recently, the Icon watched it with great interest at the Bluffton Senior Center. When we called to inquire, WBGU put it at the head of the line for its new streaming service and you can now watch the show at

With the Village of Bluffton currently in advance planning mode with a steering committee and community survey (participate HERE), the video is a timely reminder of the things that make Bluffton what it is today.

• Trout Derby at Buckeye Lake and fishing classes at Bluffton High School

• Slaw Cutter business program at Bluffton University - Interview with Howard Raid

• Triplett Corporation - Interviews with RL Triplett and Ropp Triplett

• Bluffton Airport - Interview with Dorothy Anderson

• Richard Minck Interview - Artist, educator, philanthropist

• Dr. B.W. Travis Interview - Miniature "Railway Empire" 

• Antique Car Festival

• Historical overview with narrator at Schumacher Homestead

Did Blufftonites of the 1970s imagine the village without Triplett Corporation? Do most Blufftonites of today know who Richard Minck or B.W. Travis are?

What things do we want to preserve and what things should we be anticipating for Bluffton? In 1974, Ropp Triplett talked about the microprocessor and antipated a cashless society.

Know someone who should join in taking the survey? Send them this link

Editor's note: In 1976 a group from Bluffton was seen manning the phones at a WBGU-TV telethon. Read the Icon story: