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Dillinger bullets on Cherry St.

By Fred Steiner

You’ve walked past these holes countless times, but never thought to look up.

It is believed that these holes, created by bullet shots, on the side of the outside wall of 101 N. Main St., were created when John Dillinger’s gang robbed Citizens National Bank on Monday, Aug. 14, 1933.

In 1969 the Church Street outside wall at 101 N. Main was sandblasted, removing blemishes in the bricks.

However, in 1961, Charles Hilty and Rudi Steiner surveyed the building’s wall, noting bullet holes left by the Dillinger gang.

It is believed that the holes in the photographs were made by the gang members who fired dozens of warning shots while the robbery was underway.

Their survey reported: 

“When standing on the building’s limestone foundation, reach as high as you can. You can place four fingers in bullet holes. The holes are close together and are found on the building’s second complete outside wall support west of Main Street. From the street it appears to be only three holes, but in fact there are four. To place your fingers in the bullet holes, someone must stand on the sidewalk supporting you as you stand on the narrow foundation. 

The height of these bullet holes also confirms that the gunman aimed high, not to hit bystanders, but instead to warn them to stay away. 

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