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May 22 Agenda for Bluffton Council

The Village of Bluffton will hold a Regular Council Meet at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 22 on the third floor of Town Hall, 154 N. Main.

Items on the agenda in the attached 24-page packet include reports from the following committees:

Streets, Alleys, Lights & Sidewalks, Utilities, Parks & Recreation


1st reading of a resolution authorizing the Allen County Commissioners to act as the purchasing agent and governmental aggregator for natural gas for the Village of Bluffton, Ohio.

1st reading of a resolution to adopt the Solid Waste Management Plan for the allen- Champaign-Hardin-Madison-Shelby-Union Joint Solid Waste Management District.

1st reading by emergency of a resolution authorizing the submission of a NatureWorks grant program application


Reports from the Mayor, Village Administration and Safety Services are also on the agenda.