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Bluffton University and University of Findlay receive joint grant

Bluffton University and the Univesity of Findlay have received their first collaborative grant since announcing their proposed merger in March.

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) awarded the Improving Science Pedagogy Grant, funded by the W.M. Keck Foundation in the amount of $2,000 for their shared work.

The goal of the grant is to revitalize science education in the classroom while bringing together faculty from Bluffton University’s Department of Health Sciences, Natural Science and Mathematics and the College of Sciences at University of Findlay.

“This grant represents what both institutions perceive as a beginning step to foster informal interactions among faculty members,” said Christine Denecker, Ph.D., associate vice president for learning and innovation.

The grant will allow faculty to gain insights into each other’s academic programs, departmental objectives, and the specific goals of individual courses. Through a collaborative effort, faculty members hope to create a supportive framework to exchange best practices in STEM teaching methods, case study approaches, laboratory exercises, and more.

“We anticipate that the successes of this project will set a precedent for other academic programs and colleges across both institutions,” said Hillary Hartman, University of Findlay grants manager. “The results could serve as preliminary data for subsequent external grant applications.”

Members from each university also plan to disseminate their experience through this project at national conferences, helping to educate and assist other higher-learning institutions as they navigate through changing times in education.

The two institutions announced a proposed merger in March, but the process of receiving required regulatory approvals is estimated to take 12-15 months or more.

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