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News in Bluffton

Snow shoveling tips to keep your back happy

Here's some snow shoveling tips from Northwest Physical Therapy. The business has an office in the BFR building in Bluffton. The Icon provides it just in time for you know what.

"Snow shoveling is one of those things that no one likes to do, but most of us have to do - living here in Northwest Ohio," says Wanda Dean, MSPT and owner of Northwest Physical Therapy.

Here are the January Bluffton school menus

January school menus are now available. To view the Bluffton High School menu click here.

To view the middle school and elementary menu click here.

BHS students donate food and watch bball for $1

Bluffton High School and Middle School students have an opportunity for a real deal Friday. Students will be able to purchase a pre-sale ticket to Friday night's BHS boys' versus Spencerville at a reduced rate.

Pre-sale tickets for students will be only $1 when the student donated a canned or boxed food item. Donations go to the West Ohio Food Bank.

Otherwise, student pre-sale tickets will be sold for $3. All tickets at the door are $5 each.

Lots of snow in December!

Let it snow! Pandora-Bluffton experienced 10.7 inches of snow in December, according to Guy Verhoff, Pandora weather observer. That's off the charts for the average December snowfall here.

The 60-year average December snow fall is a meager 2.69 inches. This year, the heaviest snow came Dec. 12 when 6 inches fell. That followed a 1.5-inch snow on Dec. 10. The snow remained on the ground and gave the Icon viewing area a white Christmas.

Other December weather facts follow:

All about 2010 weather in Pandora-Bluffton

Take a wild guess. What was Pandora-Bluffton's average temperature in 2010?

Answer: 51.6 degrees.

Okay, how about this one: Did we receive more rain or snow in 2010?

Answer: Snowfall 44.8 inches; rain 34.83 inches.

Those facts and more are part of Guy Verhoff, Pandora weather observer's finding for weather patterns in 2010. Here's how those figures stacked up against the 60-year averages:

60-year average precipitation 35.79 inches
2010: 34.83

60-year average temperature: 49.6 degrees
2010: 51.6 degrees

BC plate

Here's a plate that's waiting to be hung on a garage wall somewhere in Bluffton. Too bad there's no option for a Bluffton University plate.