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Local group interested in making a community park out of the cemetery on Jefferson Street

The original village cemetery on Jefferson Street

A group of historical-minded Bluffton residents is contacting family members who may have ancestors buried in an old Bluffton cemetery.

"We want to contact all possible heirs and share with them what our hopes and desires are for what is known as the Shannon Cemetery on Bluffton's Jefferson Street," said Dick Boehr, who is spearheading the committee.

According to Boehr, the plan is to create a very nice park area, which could be maintained and would have an identification plaque, which would list as many people as can be verified, who were buried in the cemetery.


So far we've dodged the flooding bullet


Suddenly it's winter again. The warm temperatures that melted all the snow last week melted again themselves. On Saturday evening snow started falling. Water on the Riley has receded from Saturday's high marks. As viewers go out today check where the snow stops along the creek bank to observe the highest flood level.



90 percent of hospital drywall hung in operation rooms

Lots of construction work is planned next week at Bluffton Hospital. Here's a report:

Last week we were able to get the first layer of wood on the canopy so that field measuring can now take place for the exterior finish material this week. The underside of the canopy saw great strides toward completion with the fire sprinkler and metal studding in the finishing stage.


Bluffton is ready: 800 more sandbags created

FRIDAY 1 P.M. UPDATE: Three hundred additional sand bags are being created as this story is being posted. With the estimated 500 bags made on Thursday and today's 300 bags, in all 1,800 sandbags have been made since Fe. 27.

Most of the bags are already distributed and in place. Now comes the difficult part: waiting out the weather.

THURSDAY 10:30 P.M. UPDATE: Volunteers are needed at 10 a.m. on Friday morning at the EMS garage at the corner of Washington and Thurman streets, according to Rick Skillier, Bluffton police chief.


March school menus posted

What's for lunch in March? The Bluffton school menus are now available. Click below for the appropriate menu.

To view middle and elementary March menu click here.

To view the high school March menu click here.


Rose and Ed?

This plate could be a combination of "Rose" and "Ed." Or, we could be way off and it may be something completely different. The Icon spotted this plate on Cherry Street.