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Imagine if Batman removed his mask - an event like that, but even better takes place Wednesday night in Founders

J. Denny Beaver

Imagine if Batman removed his mask.

An event like this, only better, takes place Wednesday night, in Founders Hall of all places.

The career of J. Denny Beaver the First comes to an end Wednesday night in Founders.

J. Denny Beaver's true identity is shrouded in mystery, but at halftime of the Bluffton-Defiance men's basketball game, the mystery will be resolved.

The Mrs.

Icon viewer Phil Zimmerly spotted "Mrs. Che" in Toledo.

Bluffton taxpayers might consider IRS smartphone application

Note to Icon viewers: The Bluffton Public Library offers copies of most federal income tax forms. The Bluffton Post Office offers free copies of Ohio tax forms.

The Internal Revenue Service recently unveiled IRS2Go, its first smartphone application that lets taxpayers check on their status of their tax refund and obtain helpful tax information.

MMH Mobile Meals seeks volunteers

The Mennonite Memorial Home has a need for a volunteer in its Mobile Meal program.

"We deliver Mobile Meals to people in the Bluffton community. Each day the meals are delivered by a local volunteer. Currently we have a need for a volunteer on the third Monday of each month," said Mary Ann Ring, volunteer coordinator.

"The volunteering only takes about 45 miutes and starts at 11:30 a.m. If any one is interested they can contact Ring at 419-358-1015.

You can help the Bluffton fire department - remove the snow around your fire hydrant

The Bluffton Fire Department is asking for your help. With the recent snows, fire hydrants in the Village of Bluffton have become snow covered, according to Jon Kinn, fire chief."

The fire department is asking that you help out by clearing the snow around the fire hydrants in your yard or in your neighborhoods," he said.

If you notice a hydrant in your neighborhood that needs cleaned please call 419-358-8606 and press option 1 and leave a message.

Village of Pandora committee assignments for 2011 set

Mayoral appointments for 2011 were announced at the Jan. 2 Village of Pandora council meeting. Those appointments follow: