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November 27, 2020

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ML 1976

ML 1977

Find a guy whose initials are ML who was born in 1976 and lives in Hancock County and you'll learn who owns this license plate.


The very best Christmas gift

Over the past 53 (ulp) Christmases, many gifts have appeared under my tree. In fact, looking back, there have been far too many gifts -- many more than any one person deserves. There have probably been some duds along the way, but quite honestly, I can't name one.


Methodist Episcopal Sunday school picnic

Methodist picnic circa 1891


Although this photo is not clearly identified there are several obvious features that reveal interesting stories. The photo is from the collection of Richard Boehr.

The back side reads "M.E. Sunday School picnic held on College grounds." That translates to (Bluffton) Methodist Episcopal Church (now First United Methodist). The college was established in 1899. One theory is that the photo is actually older than 1899, however. More on that as additional research takes place to prove this theory.

Presbyterians host to Dec. 17 community dinner

Community dinner at Senior Citizen Center

The next Bluffton Area Ministerial Association community dinner is Thursday, Dec. 17, at 6 p.m.. The dinners are open to the public for the purpose of food, fellowship and fun. Dinners are from 6 to 6:45 p.m., at the Bluffton Senior Citizens Center, Main Street.

Participating congregations prepare the meals, which will continue through March 18, 2010. The Dec. 17 dinner is hosted by the Bluffton Presbyterian Church.


It's from Medina County


Although HAN BAN was spotted on Main Street on Dec. 15, it's a plate from out-of-town. The 52 sticker indicates it is from Medina County. Holiday shoppers?


Icon column: An ordinary day

An Ordinary Day
By Tanya Pike

By the time I arrive home it is dark. Winter Solstice is upon us and I am grateful that natural light will soon be returning, tick by tick.

I pull into the driveway as dusk is falling. The flowers in the gardens that we worked so hard in all summer are gone. There are brown leaves covering the small patch of grass that has finally moved from green to rest in brownness.