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June 18, 2021

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The 23rd Psalm

For God so loved the world...think the 23rd Psalm when you see this plate. The Icon spotted it in Ramseyer Hall parking lot.


15 minutes with Marcia Krautter Suter

Marcia Suter

Year you graduated from Bluffton High School?


You moved to the Bluffton school district from Cory-Rawson. What grade was that? Was it difficult to change schools?

We moved in the summer of 1965 after my brother graduated from C-R and just before my freshman year. It was kind of scary moving away from my C-R friends, but being in the band introduced me to lots of kids pretty fast. In my recollection, I believe I blended in right away. My classmates may remember it differently though.

1909 Lake Erie and Western steam


This photo gem comes to The Icon from The Allen County Museum railroad photo collection. This photo was not taken in Bluffton, but it shows a Lake Erie and Western locomotive and crew in front of the yard offices in Rankin, Ill.

The photo was taken in 1909. The Lake Erie and Western (later Nickel Plate Road and now Norfork Southern) goes through Bluffton. No doubt locomotive 5520 passed through town often.

Is the message a question or a statement?

An interesting thing occurs in the summer in Bluffton. Band camps and other camps take place at Bluffton University. That brings out-of-town vehicles and a whole slew of never-before seen vanity plates. "1ST WHO" is a perfect example. Any ideas on its meaning from viewers?


Colonial Surface Solutions purchases Delphos company

Colonial Surface Solutions, Inc., 505 E. Jefferson St., Bluffton, recently announced the acquisition of Diamond Machine and Manufacturing of Delphos.

According to Gene Heitmeyer of Colonial, Diamond specializes in metal fabrication. He said that Diamond has changed its name to Diamond Manufacturing of Bluffton.

"Diamond Manufacturing will help Colonial Surface Solutions continue its growth as a metal surface and coating solutions company," said Heitmeyer.

He added that the firm will soon move from Delphos to the Jefferson Street building.

Berne, Indiana, Swiss Days in late July

Berne, Ind., Swiss Days are planned for Thursday through Sunday, July 29 to Aug. 1. The Berne and Bluffton communities have several things in common including personal relationships among several families and many common ancestors in Switzerland.

Brochures on the Berne event are available at the Bluffton Public Library. Persons wanting additional information may check www.berneswissdays.com