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Who are those guys?

"Who are those guys?"

Remember that line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Paul Neuman asks the question after being followed all the way to Bolivia by, well, who are those guys?

I'm asking myself the same question as I write this.

Here's why. Considering the unofficial Icon launch on Sept. 27, here's some interesting info from seven days online:

603 visits

5,741 page views

9.52 pages viewed per visit

7:43 average time spent on the site per visit

And...most of the visitor information is actually since Oct. 1!

Like I asked, "Who are those guys?"

Get this. (Don't tell potential advertisers). Visitors came from seven countries including 90 percent from the U.S., but also from Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Bangladesh, Colombia, and one unitentified. It was probably somewhere in the Holy Roman Empire.

In addition to the above, we've launched a Supports of The Bluffton Icon on Facebook. This group was formed at noon on Saturday, Oct. 3. By Sunday morning, Oct. 4, we had 57 friends.

All of this answers an earlier question, which was, "I wonder if I create an online news source devoted entirely to Bluffton...will anyone come?"

Now that you are here, tell us what you'd like to see. You may do this by joining the Friends Facegroup book or by sending a blurb (as opposed to a blog) to [email protected]

By the way, the paraphraze Marco Polo's dying words: "We've not told you everything we plan to add to this site. So far, you've witnessed the skeleton. The muscle, tendons and guts are on the way."

Actually Marco Polo said something like this: "I never told you half of what I saw because you wouldn't have believed me."

Keep that thought in mind as we expand. Please tell you friends about us. If you'll give us permission you use your name as a "friend" tell us that also. We are compiling a list and will print it. Think of it like peer pressure.

Closing thought: I think the visitor from Russia Googled "Icon." The hope was to have a religious experience. Bet it worked.

What do you think?