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About those Main Street "boxes"

It's exciting to watch the changing face of Main Street while the streetscape program unveils before our eyes. Certainly, there was intial cause to question the walkway designs that stretch out into the street. We'll find out how long those last after the first huge snowfall of the season.

A: Will the snowplows work around these artistic wonders?, or,

B: After the snowplows clean the streets, will these walkways still exist?

Stay tuned.

This, however, pales to those large silver boxes recently placed in the sidewalk areas of Main Street. The boxes control the soon-to-be added stop lights.

Quite honestly, these boxes have us scratching our heads.

Number 1 - Their size. They are huge!

Number 2 -Their location. Must they really be placed so close to the curbs? (couldn't they, at least be moved closer to buildings?)

Number 3 - The safety factor. These boxes resemble linemen on the Ohio State football team. We dare to ponder the effect of a young biker or innocent grandmother plowing into the "Buckeye offensive line" The result will surely be an offical's time out on the field. The Bluffton EMS squad is about to have its hands full.

Number 4 -The simple beauty of Main Street. These boxes don't belong. Quite honestly they are eye sores. Better put: they look pretty @% stupid.

But, look on the bright side. We bet they'll make great billboards for next spring's garage sales and for all garage sales for years to come.

And, of course, we can look forward to village canine marking their spot on these technological wonders.