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Lowell and Marty Hostetler will cut the ribbon

At Monday's Bentley Road pathway extension

Lowell and Marty Hostetler will perform the ribbon cutting duties at Monday's dedication of the Bentley Road pathway extension. Representatives from the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce will also assist.

The event is at 4 p.m. near the Riley Village entrance of Bentley Road.

The new pathway parallels Bentley Road on the west side for one-quarter mile from Augsburger Road to Riley Creek Village at the intersection of Richland Drive.

The new pathway extension also connects to the Bentley Road-Augsburger Road paths where:
• The Augsburger Road path extends to Maple Crest Senior Living Community, and
• The Bentley Road, extends south to the bridge at Campus Drive and with its connection to the Parkway path, extends to the Dari Freeze on Main Street.

This newest extension is Phase I of a two-phase project. Phase 2, to be completed in 2020, adds an additional quarter-mile extension from Riley Creek Village to Riley Street. It will be on the east side of Bentley Road.

The Sept. 23 pathway dedication is a shared project involving the pathway board, Bluffton Lions Club and Bluffton Lions Foundation.

Note to persons attending the event
Members of the Bluffton University track team will park cars will have in hand poles with red flages.

Parking will be on the streets inside the Riley Creek Village subdivision.


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