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Durs and Elizabeth Neuenschwander Amstutz

Our Swiss connection - part 6

This is the sixth installment in this series. Click here for the previous installment.

Ursus, also called Durs or Dorsey, was born March 8, 1805, to Christian and Katherina (Nussbaumer) Amstutz in Sigriswil Canton Bern, Switzerland.

His wife, Elizabeth, was born July 24, 1808, to Michael and Barbara (Fuhriman) Neuenschwander in Soncoboz, Canton Bern, Switzerland.

They were married in Switzerland and had 13 children of which, Abraham, Christian A. and Katharina were born in Switzerland. They came to America around 1833 and a year later came to Putnam County where the rest of the children were born.

Five of the children of Ursus and Elizabeth left with their families sometime in the 1880s to go to Indiana. They had already joined the Defenseless Mennonite Church, later called the Evangelical Mennonite Church, and moved to Rossville Buck Creek, Indiana, along with several other families. This area is near Lafayette, Indiana, or east and northeast about 15 miles.

The only family members remaining in this area were Abraham, who married Elizabeth Augsburger and a sister, Elizabeth, married Solomon Lugibuhl. Verena married Christian Kaufmann and they lived in Nebraska.

The other five members also left for Adams County and northeast Indiana area. Further  research is needed to identify these families.

The family sheet lists the 13 children and what information is available.

Ursus or Durs/Dorsey Amstutz
Born: March 8, 1805, Sigriswil Chatelat, Canton Bern, Switzerland
Died: Aug. 9, 1859, Putnam County
Buried: Old Mennonite Cemetery, Bluffton
Occupation: Farmer

Father: Christian A. Amstutz (1772-1840)
Mother: Katherina Nussbaumer (1773-1844)
Married: Nov. 28, 1829, Switzerland

Spouse: Elizabeth Neuenschwander
Born: July 24, 1808, Soncoboz Canton Bern, Switzerland
Died: Feb. 18, 1889

Father: Michael Neuenschwander (1785-1859)
Mother: Barbara Fuhriman (1784-1850)

Abraham Amstutz
Born: Nov. 29, 1830, Untersitz, Jura Bern, Switzerland
Died: Sept. 28, 1904, Allen County
Spouse: Elizabeth Augsburger

Christian A. Amstutz
Born: May 23, 1832, Chaluet Gem nr Court, Canton Bern, Switzerland
Died: May 4, 1891
Spouse: Marian Nussbaum

Katharina Amstutz
Born: Nov. 12, 1833, Sur le Rocher, Switzerland
Died: Jan. 11, 1901, Berne, Indiana
Spouse: Jacob J. Nussbaum

Barbara Amstutz
Born: March 23, 1836, Riley Township, Putnam County
Died: Dec. 9, 1880, French Township, Adams County, Indiana

Mary Amstutz
Born: July 15, 1837, Riley Township, Putnam County

Anna Amstutz
Born: Aug. 5, 1839, Riley Township, Putnam County
Died: Feb. 23, 1908, Berne, Indiana
Spouse: Peter E. Moser

Jacob Amstutz
Born: April 17, 1840, Riley Township, Putnam County
Died: March 22, 1908, Lafayette, Indiana

Elisabeth Amstutz
Born May 14, 1842, Riley Township, Putnam County
Died: May 14, 1919, Continental, Ohio
Spouse: Solomon Lugibuhl

Rebecca Amstutz
Born: March 16, 1844
Died: May 3, 1914

John Amstutz
Born: Feb. 18, 1846
Died: Feb. 14, 1902, Leo, Indiana

Verena Amstutz Fanny
Born: Jan. 3, 1847
Died Nov. 5, 1928, Seward County, Nebraska
Spouse: Christian Kaufmann

Michael Amstutz
Born: April 16, 1848
Died: Feb. 18, 1910, Lafayette, Indiana

Peter Amstutz
Born: 1853
Died: 1920