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September 25, 2021

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Use count on pathways, September 13-19

Your appearance on one of Bluffton pathways will be counted Monday through Sunday September 13-19. This is the tenth annual “use count” of the Bluffton pathways, which takes place in May and September

This week’s pathway count includes 29 local volunteers. Pathway users will see those volunteers parked near various intersections in the village in two-hour shifts counting walkers, bikers, joggers who used the pathway.

Fall 2021 volunteers include Gary Bishop, Jesse Blackburn, Dick Boehr, Bill Croft, Corwin Croy, Ted Cunningham, Greg Denecker, Jan Emmert, Gary Graham, Ron Headings, Don Hostetler, Lowell Hostetler, Mitch Kingsley, Stephanie Larcom, Gene Long, Patty Navin, Ron Lora, Dick McGarrity, Andrew Rager, Neil Reichenbach, John Rich, Dick Ramseyer, Fred Rodabaugh, Bob Stahl, Bill Watkins, Jane Wood, and Ed Yeager.

The Bluffton Lions Foundation and Bluffton Lions Club work in partnership with the Village of Bluffton to develop the Bluffton pathway system. With additions of new paths along State Route 103 and Allen-Hancock County Road and others, the Bluffton pathway system is serving the entire community.

Other aspects of Bluffton's bike-friendly atmosphere include

  • National bicycle route to eventually pass through Bluffton
  • Bicycle racks throuhgout downtown to promote bicycle use
  • Ride to Remember summer biking event in July
  • Bicycle rodeo for youth conducted by Bluffton police and other local groups
  • Bike Crazy retail bike shop on Main Street