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October 20, 2021

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BPD provides home safety advice

The Bluffton Police Department has created a Crime Prevention: Home Security pamplet for Bluffton residents (attached below). It includes the following Home Security Checklist: 

  • Doors/ Windows locked at night and every time you leave. 
  • Doors are solid metal or wood.
  • Door includes peephole.
  • Deadbolts installed on all exterior doors.
  • Give spare key to trusted neighbor. 
  • Windows remain locked or secured with something sturdy between bottom pane and frame. 
  • Landscape is trimmed and all entries are illuminated with outdoor lighting. 
  • Outdoor lights are turned on at night. 
  • Indoor lights are equipped with automatic timers or are left on while away. 
  • If away for an extended time, stop mail and newspaper deliveries or arrange for someone to pick them up until you return. 

For more information, visit:

National Crime Prevention Council www.ncpc.org

Ohio Crime Prevention Association www.ocpa-oh.org

DOJ: Office of Justice Programs www.ojp.gov/topics/crimeprevention