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Letter: Appropriate memorial already exists

To the editor:

A suggestion is before Bluffton council to paint a thin blue line on Main Street, and/or blue American flags hung there in relation to Dominic Francis’ memory.

Allow me to offer my opinion.

The appropriate memorial for Dominic already exists. 

The village inaugurated a wall on the lobby of the town hall’s second floor as a remembrance to Bluffton police officers fallen in the line of duty. This is the place for Dominic to be memorialized and I expect that plans are already in motion for that to happen.

Case in point:

• Bluffton University’s baseball team bus accident is memorialized with a Memorial Circle at the university baseball field.

• Bluffton’s military veterans are memorized with a Memorial Circle at Maple Grove Cemetery. Veterans of World War II are listed on a sign in front of Cobb Lake (formerly National Quarry), and on the third floor of the town hall.

• Bluffton High School athletes who have died are memorialized on a wall at Harmon Field.

• Several Bluffton school students who have died are memorialized with trees on the school lawn. Bluffton University provides the same memorial opportunity for deceased students, staff and faculty. 

These, too, are important memorials, and none of them are on Main Street. I believe we all agree these are located in appropriate locations and they don’t belong on Main Street.

The thin blue line and the blue American flag represents a disguised message to many Americans, including myself. It is a symbol of an America that divides rather than unites. These do not belong on Main Street.

Residents needing an outlet for personal expressions on this matter have that right do so on their own property. 

A final thought: While the blue lights on the town hall clock tower may be meaningful to some, I’m confident that the town fathers will place a date soon to have these switched back to their previous bright color.

Fred Steiner

Bluffton, Ohio