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Joni and Jazz concert on August 11

LIMA, Ohio⎯At 6 p.m. on August 11, Bluffton musicians Jeffery Yoder and Wendy Chappell-Dick will return to the stage at the Every Body Art Show pop-up gallery for a second Joni Mitchell tribute. This time they are playing with the addition of the jazz stylings of pianist Dean Altstaetter.

There is no admission fee for the event, tips only. Doors open at 4:00 p.m. and drinks will be served from 4:00-8:00 p.m. The address is 516 N. Main St., Lima.

Chappell-Dick comments, "I am thrilled to play with Dean, because he is able to duplicate the incredible harmonies of Joni's imagination, with the help of transcriptions and his jazz background."  Though many identify Joni Mitchell with folk or pop music, she has a huge body of work in the jazz genre, and the trio will emphasize that connection through pairing Mitchell's work with jazz standards and other jazz-tinged pop.

The setting for the concert is an innovative art show made possible by the
Art Counsel of Greater Lima and Wild Rose Photography. The temporary gallery
has been set up in a former bar which has a historic role in Lima. Rumor
has it that this is the spot where John Dillinger’s gang stopped for a beer
before they busted him out of prison.

This event is the last time the Every Body Art Show will be open to the
public. Art from Bluffton residents P.Rae Staton, Elizabeth Kingsley, and
Wendy Chappell-Dick are included in the exhibit.

The concert will be streamed live on the Every Body Art Show Facebook page at


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