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A grocery and bakery in 1900 with 2 delivery wagons

This Main Street building now houses a CPA office

By Fred Steiner

The J.L. Doty Grocery and Bakery was a thriving Bluffton business operating in the building today housing Sielschott, Walsh, Keifer, Regula & Sherer, CPAs, 113 N. Main St.

A 1904 Bluffton News issue that featured many of Bluffton’s businesses include a story of the Doty business. That story follows: J.L. Doty of Bluffton’s most progressive and hustling business men, dealer in groceries and provision.

This well-known grocery business was founded many years ago and is probably the best know grocery  house in this section of the state.

During all these years there have been a number of changes in ownership. Mr. J.L. Doty, the present proprietor, in connection with Mr. Paul Mann, bought out Bixel and Welty, in the year 1892 and carried on the business together as co-partners, which co-partnership lasted about one year, when Mr. Doty bought out his partner’s interest and has since carried on the business on his own account very successfully ever since.

Mr. Doty has also in connection with his grocery, a bakery where pies, cakes, bread, pastry and all manner of baked goods are manufactured, having in his employ as baker, Mr. John Russell, who is a practical and experienced baker of many years’ experience. The premises occupied for the business in in a one-story substantially built frame building 22 by 105 feet, all of which are utilized in connection with the grocery and bakery business as the rear end of the store is partitioned off and fitted up with the most approved style and fully equipped with a bakery outfit.

Mr. Doty carries a full line of selected groceries, including canned and bottled goods, cereals, fine confectionery and fruits, which are all the best grades obtainable.

He also makes a specialty of Chase & Sanborn’s line of coffees and teas. He has from the medium to the highest prices, including greens, blacks and Japanese; coffees in Mochas, Javas, Rios and blended goods, the latter in fine grades.

More photos and details of of the business HERE.

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