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Recap of April 9 Village Council meeting

Original Pathway Board members have served since 2009

By Paula Pyzik Scott

The Village of Bluffton Council held a regular meeting on April 9 which included reports on how recent and future rains are impacting the village.

Assistant Administrator Bryan Lloyd spoke about the performance of the water treatment plant on April 2, when flood conditions closed College Ave. at Riley Creek. He reported that pump speeds were raised to 5.5 million gallons per day (nearing the maximum of the plant design) and that they have never been pushed that hard before. No overflows or backups were reported.

There is a potential for flooding again this week, with the National Weather Service issuing a flood watch for Allen and Putnam Counties. Wet conditions have temporarily stopped construction of the County Line bike path; the subgrade needs to dry out before asphalt can be applied.

Village Administrator Jesse Blackburn passed along an announcement made by AEP regarding a $10 per month increase for transmission service beginning April 1.

The attached graphic includes streets to be paved in May and other reminders for Village residents.


Parks and Recreation committee member Ben Stahl reported that the Buckeye Park survey conducted for the Creating Healthy Communities Program (Allen County Public Health) generated two clear interests: “all inclusive” playground equipment and more seating. Additional benches will be installed this summer. Stahl noted that playground equipment needs and funding will be explored for next year.

Ordinance committee member Mitch Kingsley commented that it was taking longer than anticipated to create the language for proposed Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) legislation. He played a brief musical interlude of George Harrison’s I’ve Got My Mind Set On You, emphasizing the lyric “It’s gonna take time, a whole lotta precious time…” Committee member Joe Sehlhorst followed up that council will need to consider hiring and budgeting for consultants as they continue to modernize Village zoning.

Pathways committee member Ben Stahl announced that Travis Music will represent Bluffton on the Allen County Pathways Task Force and that both John Rich and Dima Snyder have wrapped up their service to the board, both having been originally named to the board in 2009. Council approved the appointment of Mark Bourassa to the advisory group.


Mayor Rich Johnson presented a public event request including EMS services for the 80th Annual Trout Derby on Sunday, May 5 202, to be hosted by the Bluffton Sportsmen's Club. The competition takes place between 2-4:00 p.m.


The Bluffton EMS, Fire Department and Police Department reported that the April 8 eclipse went smoothly, with traffic congestion limited to Findlay and Lima. 

Council approved a summer internship for student Rain Wilder, who was present at the meeting, with the Bluffton Police Department. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

The next regular council meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 22.