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Is your generation service supplier the one you picked?

By Paula Pyzik Scott

In recent weeks, a representative from IGS Energy has been visiting Bluffton residents with an offer to provide them with lower cost fixed electricity rates. If it were not for his second visit, I would not have realized that my participation in the Village aggregation program was incorrectly dropped.

My choice to participate in the aggregation program did not automatically transfer in December 2023 from Energy Harbor to Dynegy, the current provider for customers participating in the Village aggregation program. I received an AEP email in December indicating my generation service supplier was being canceled. My current bills do not show a supplier.

Amy Hoffman of Palmer Energy, the consulting company that selects the electricity supplier for Bluffton’s aggregation program, told the Icon that participation in the aggregation program is currently at 900 meters out of 1200 eligible customers, which is consistent with past levels.

However, other customers including council member Jerry Cupples have also been incorrectly dropped by the aggregation program. The Icon has requested information from Palmer Energy regarding the number of customers who were incorrectly dropped.

Customers in the aggregation program are paying a fixed rate of 6.574 cents per Kwh through Dec 2025 with Dynegy. If you are enrolled in the program, the Dynegy logo should appear under “Line Item Charges” on your bill.

The AEP default rate I am paying is 11.3 cents per Kwh.

IGS Energy currently shows a rate of 9.49 cents per Kwh on the website.

To correct your enrollment, Palmer Energy directs customers to Dynegy at 888-682-2170. Council member Cupples notes that it takes two billing cycles to make the change.