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October 20, 2021

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Summer morning in 1957

It was a busy summer morning in Bluffton when Paul Diller, looking north, took this zoom lens photo of Main Street.

We date this at 1957, based upon what appears to be a 1957 Cheverolet heading north in the center of the photo.

The vehicles in this photo were American-made lead gasoline guzzlers, but at 30 cents or less a gallon, what did it matter?

On the right side of the photo is the "H-C" insignia for the Sinclair gas station, which is now the Bluffton Public Library. 

On the far end of the street on the left side is the Stauffer Pure Oil station (sign is a circle with a blue outline). That is now the site of Smith Realty.

Note the single stop light at Main and College.

Other view's observations are welcome.

(Photo from the collection of Jim Diller.)