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Betterment Foundation assets given to Triplett Memorial Foundation

The Bluffton Community Betterment Foundation, supporting community non-profits since 1972, has closed and turned its assets of $49,477.95 to the R.L. and Etta L. Triplett Memorial Foundation. 

The announcement was made by Kathy Steiner, secretary-treasurer of the Betterment Foundation and Tomm Triplett of the Triplett Memorial Foundation. The two foundations are similar, supporting Bluffton community, educational, charitable and recreational non-profit organizations.

Triplett said, “We’re very pleased that the Bluffton Community Betterment Foundation has chosen the Triplett Foundation as the recipient of its funds. We will continue to be good stewards of these funds as both foundations have worked to support similar non-profits in Bluffton.”

The Betterment Foundation has disbursed nearly $70,000 in funds since 1990. Recipients during that period include:

• Bluffton Senior Citizens Association, $37,974 
• Bluffton Family Recreation, $15,791 
• Bluffton Child Development Center, $7,444, and 
• Bluffton Weekday Religious Education, $7,057. 

These figures do not include disbursements from the first 18 years of the Foundation’s existence; those figures are unavailable.


During its existence, several community members have served on its board, including founders Floyd E. Wenger, James F. West, Harold F. Balmer, Milton I. Edwards and Ropp Triplett.

Other board members over the years have included Samuel Diller, Fred Steiner, Jerry Lewis, Betty Cookson, Rev. George Klinefelter and Kathy Steiner.

The R.L. and Etta L. Triplett Memorial Foundation was founded in 1985, named after the founder of the Triplett Corp., R.L. Triplett, and his wife, Etta Lantz Triplett, founder of the Bluffton College Home Economics Department.

Several community members have served on its board, including founders Morris and Jean Triplett, Samuel Diller, Harold Balmer and Eugene Benroth. Current board members are Tomm Triplett, James S. West, Pam Weisenbarger, Terry Mullenhour and Fred Steiner.

The Triplett Memorial Foundation has contributed in excess of $150,000 since its founding to organizations including Bluffton Family Recreation, Bluffton Child Development Center, Bluffton Sportsmen’s Club, Bluffton Public Library, Bluffton EMS, Bluffton Hospital and Bluffton Community Assistance Program. It also provides a needs-based scholarship for Bluffton High School students planning to attend Bluffton University.

The Triplett Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Ohio not-for-profit corporation. All contributions to the foundation are tax deductible. Contributions may be sent to Triplett Memorial Foundation, PO Box 158, Bluffton, Ohio 45817. For additional information, contact any of the board members.