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Hoff wins trip for BHS Latin III students from Ohio Lottery

Teacher Appreciation Week video by Ohio Lottery HERE.

“You think it’d be hard to learn Latin, but she does such a great job,” says Ella, a Bluffton High School student featured in a video about teacher Brigette Hoff, who won an adventurous field trip in the Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway from the Ohio Lottery and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The prize shows that Hoff is both an excellent teacher and lucky. She was nominated by a parent of one of her students for a monthly award. While she did not win that award, all the non-winners were placed in a drawing for a free class field trip. Out of 329 teachers, she was selected as the winner.

Hoff told the Icon: “During Teacher Appreciation Week, it was such an honor to have been chosen to receive this Teacher Appreciation Field Trip Giveaway for my Latin III students. 

“They have been such a wonderful class and I was so happy to share this trip with them.  I also want to thank the Partners in Education from The Ohio Lottery and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for making this trip possible.  

“The students had a wonderful day at a state park in Northwest Ohio. We were given a nature walk tour and then went on a canoe trip on the Sandusky River.  It was a fantastic experience.”

The Ohio Lottery video Students Take Outdoor Adventure Thanks to Partners in Education takes viewers along for part of the ride.

P.S. Anyone can nominate a teacher or student during the school year at