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Library program gives a taste of onigiri

By Paula Scott

On November 15, the Bluffton Public Library hosted an onigiri workshop with Satoyo Tachio, Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI) coordinator at the Mazza Museum in Findlay. What are onigiri? They are filled or plain rice balls that are easy to pack for lunches or picnics. 

Satoyo provided background on this Japanese food, including the short grain rice that is traditional in Japan, how it is grown and how it is cooked. While an electric rice cooker has become very popular, Satoyo showed photos of the clay pot that is used to make the most delicious rice.

Participants also had the opportunity to make their own onigiri. Satoyo talked about some popular versions including tuna mayo, then provided a table full of ingredients to add to the onigiri. The group began by shaping their rice into a triangular shape, then adding items such as krab, nori (seaweed sheets) and umeboshi (pickled plums).


The event also coincided with an Onigiri Action event supporting children in need around the world. Satoyo posted photographs from the library event to help provide meals in recognition of World Food Day. Since 2015, Onigiri Action campaign has provided 8.3 million school meals.