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Celebrating 102 years with Trudy Baber

By Paula Pyzik Scott

Maple Crest resident Trudy Baber is described by her neighbors as a “spitfire” and it’s easy to see why. She was born on March 30, 1922 but you would never guess that she is 102 years old. When Trudy moves briskly down the hallway with her walker, it looks more like a convenient place to transport her slice of birthday cake than anything else.

The Icon stopped by on Friday afternoon to meet Trudy and to see her off on a special birthday ride with friends in Phil Compton’s 1971 Cadillac convertible sedan. Mother Nature also gifted Trudy with a sunny and crisp day to enjoy her outing.

“I always count my birthdays,” Trudy responded to questions about her age and others’ preoccupations with youth. “I’m 102 years old, so what?” She continued, “I’m kinda young for my age” and truer words were never spoken.



“She is always smiling, laughing and joking. She is a joy to see walking through the halls of Maple Crest. Trudy enjoys participating in activities. Over the years you could see her playing corn hole, croquet, Wii bowling and working on puzzles. She attends many progams and has volunteered to help many times over the years. When we asked residents “How would you describe Trudy?” we hear:

  • We met on the golf course in 1987 and became good friends. I would describe Trudy as AWESOME!
  • Trudy is very caring, loves being around people, talking and visiting!
  • Spunky whippersnapper who is very caring.
  • Such a people person!
  • That is a wonderful lady!