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On a Festival of Wheels tangent: 1888 view of Jackson and Grove

Browsing for stories connected to the theme of Bluffton's Festival of Wheels--which is headed our way on Friday, June 14--this horse and wagon wheels image made us say "Whoa!"

By Fred Steiner

Barns, wooden fences and empty lots were all that occupied the neighborhood of Jackson and Grove streets in 1888, when this picture was taken.

Handling the powerful rig in the photo were Peter Diller (left) and Albert E. Lugibill, in the fancy striped coat on the right. The horses are a pair of Percherons owned by Bucher Brothers, taken around for stud services.

From a note on the back of the photo, written in 1959, we learn the following: The house in the left background is now occupied by Mrs. Addie Graber. Looking east, the photo was taken from the corner now occupied by the Paul Clark residence.

Read the whole story at 135 years ago, this was the Jackson-Grove intersection of Bluffton