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Bluffton views of the 2024 total solar eclipse

April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse photo by Jamie Nygaard. Additional photos follow.

By Paula Pyzik Scott

Bluffton Icon viewers thoroughly enjoyed the April 8 total solar eclipse as seen from back yards and our local parks. 

Kay Lambert sent along a photo of her pup ready to view the eclipse safely. Bob Beer's family viewing was aided by a homemade telescope with cell phone attachment. At Friday's Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce meeting, director Jim Enneking noted that from his house you could hear a chorus of exclamations from all around.

"Came from SE Michigan, first to arrive, last leaving Motter Metro Park in Bluffton. No crowds, beautiful nature setting, walked trail, picnic lunch, friendly folks and a reporter inquiring about camera and colander set ups. Hawks flying, noticeably dark and cooler temps at totality. Oohs and awes, a SPECTACULAR day!" -- Anne Fairchild

“I was invited to my neighbors’ for a great cookout and to view the eclipse. His daughter found a great Eclipse App on the net at Christmas and gave those with cell phone cameras the setup. The whole experience was humbling and awesome. When the Sun went behind the Moon, we all couldn’t believe how much it cooled down, I mean from 72 degrees to about 53 degrees. All the outdoor lights came on and the neighbors cat came around the corner of the house wanting in for the night! What really struck us all was the calmness of the area. We all said it was an awe inspiring occurrence!” -- Dennis Morrison