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BHS Academic Awards spotlights scholarship recipients and outstanding students

UPDATED MAY 29: The Daniel L. Sommers Memorial Scholarship was also awarded to Alyssa Hoffman.

Bluffton High School held the 44th annual Academic Awards Program on Wednesday, May 15 in the Middle School Cafetorium. The program included a welcome by principal Mike Minnig and academic awards presentations introduced by Dr. Elizabeth Smith, school counselor, who also provided closing remarks.

The following scholarship recognition and awards, special athletic awards and top student awards by teacher were presented.


Lima Exchange Club Scholarship, Caitlyn Couch

American Association of University Women Scholarship, Olivia Hobensack

OMEA District 3 Honor Festival Jazz Scholarship, Alyssa Hoffman

OMEA District 3 Honor Festival Choir Scholarship, Ben Hartzler

Franklin B. Walter Scholarship, John-Paul Yoder

Arthur and Marian Rudd Scholarship, Carsen Weaver


SHANNON Service Club of Bluffton Scholarship
- Presented by Paiten Dulaney to Cole Bowers and Jacob Granger

Bluffton Lions Club Scholarship
Presented by Barbara Plaugher to Ella Armstrong, Jacob Granger & Carsen Weaver

SumiRiko Ohio Inc. Scholarship
- Presented by Jackson Stevens to Ella Armstrong

Charles Sr. and Sophia Hankish Scholarship
- Presented by Elizabeth Smith to Alissa Beck

Bluffton High School Deisel Scholarship
Presented by Elizabeth Smith to John-Paul Yoder

Bluffton Education Association Scholarship
- Presented by Jamie Erford to Carsen Weaver

Charles River Biomedical Research Scholarship
- Presented by Andy Slaughterbeck to Jacob Granger

Eli Jones Memorial Scholarship
- Presented by Jason Diller to Jacob Granger, Isabella Stechschulte, Carsen Weaver and John-Paul Yoder

Ohio Means Jobs Allen County Scholarship
- Presented by Tessa Laing to Marley Kindle

Daniel L. Sommers Memorial Scholarship
- Presented by Elizabeth Smith to Ella Armstrong

Marathon Petroleum Merit Scholarship
Presented by Robert Stechschulte to Isabella Stechschulte

Blanchard Valley Health System Auxiliary Scholarships: 
- In Honor of Marty Lemley Auxiliary Scholarship
- Presented by Jodi Karhoff to Caitlyn Couch

- Blanchard Valley Health System Auxiliary Scholarships
- Presented by Jodi Karhoff to Ella Armstrong & Brooke Camper

Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation Scholarships (TBA)

- Kyle P. Luginbuhl Memorial Scholarship, William P. and Pauline J. Deisel Scholarship and Dominic Francis Bluffton Memorial Scholarship
- Comments by Brian Treece

The Daniel L. Sommers Memorial Scholarship was also awarded to Alyssa Hoffman.


Presented by Mr. Hanna

OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award, to John-Paul Yoder and Isabella Stechschulte

Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award to Jacob Granger and Ashley Fleece

NFHS National Award of Excellence to Theo Andreas and Shylee Kaufman

Jim “Cappy” Clark Award to Gavin Bogart and Ella Armstrong



Mr. Boblitt       

Jacob Granger, Principles of Engineering

Calvin Frideger, Intro to Engineering

Liam Jordan, Civil Engineering

Mason Shank,Programming & Robotics I

Levi Antrim, Programming & Robotics II

Liam Jordan, Programming & Robotics III

Mrs. Bogart 

Brooklyn Nance, Personal Wellness

Damien Criblez, Principles of Food

Leah Klinger, Career & College Readiness

Lilly Deitering, Nutrition and Wellness

Carsen Weaver, Personal Finance

Jordyn O’Connell, Leadership Development

Mrs. Burgei

Kate Klinger, Health

Braydon McClure, Physical Education

Mr. Diller

Zoe Shank, Chemistry

Sadie Combs, Organic Chemistry

Theodore Andreas, Physics

Mrs. Diller

Elijah Diffin, Advanced Math Senior

Kynzie Ewing, Acc. Algebra II

Luke Ginther, Geometry

Ms. Erford

Jacob Granger, CP English 12

Lilly Deitering, English 12

Willow Angel, English 9

John-Paul Yoder, College Writing

Mackay Tuttle, Principles of Speech

Alissa Beck, Teaching as a Profession

Mrs. Garmon

Aubrey Burkholder, Art I

Liam Jordan, Art Ceramics/Sculpture

Kally Cotter, Art Ceramics/Sculpture II

Hayden Dearth, Art Ceramics/Sculpture III

Lizzy Suter, Art Design/Composition

Theo Andreas, Art Design/Composition II

Hope Miller, Art Design/Composition III

Hope Miller, Art Seminar

Brooklyn Moser, Photography I

Carly Setzer, Photography II

Lauren Bassett, Mural

June Essinger, Digital Art

Izzy Stechschulte, Crafts

Mr. Hanna        

Kerry Wright, Officiating & Sportsmanship

Mrs. Hoff

Kate Klinger, Latin I

Lizzy Suter, Latin II

Kaleigh Coffman, Latin III

Mr. Hoff

Lizzy Suter, Biology

Zoe Shank,  Anatomy & Physiology

Mr. King

Liliana Liberato, Spanish I

Lauren Bowers, Spanish II

Zoe Shank, Spanish III

John-Paul Yoder, Spanish IV

Mrs. Knowlton

Karden Geiser, English 9

Zoe Shank, College Prep English 11

Griffin Stackhouse, English 11

Mackay Tuttle, Intro to Literature

Mr. Krendl  

Nora Matthews, World History

Ms. Lovell

Asa Clingerman, American Government

Caitlyn Couch, Economics

Alissa Beck, Sociology

Mrs. Mayberry

Nora Matthews, Science 9

Logan Smith, Environmental Biology

Kya McDougle, Integrated Science

Mr. O’Rear

Lauren Bowers, Industrial Technology I

Josef Miller, Adventures in Technology

Paige Harkness, C.B.I.

Mr. Rackley

Lizzy Suter, American History

Ellie Hartzler, American History 110

Claire Phillips, American History 111

Asa Clingerman, Psychology                                                                 

Shylee Kaufman, Buccaneer

Mrs. Shepherd

Lizzy Suter, English 10

Coby Dailey, English 9

Mrs. Skilliter  

Asa Clingerman, College Algebra/Trigonometry

Logan Smith, Algebra II

Ryleigh Rex, Int. Math III

Sadie Combs, Calculus I             

Mr. Smith

Elizabeth Phillips, Acc. Geometry

Aaron Ungashick, Algebra I

Adanna Johnstone, Statistics