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Going to the dogs

Our house is (literally) going to the dogs. At the moment, one tiny Schnauzer is curled up in what he thinks is his chair -- the recliner -- pretending to be asleep because he thinks he's so cute that no one will bother him. He's right. He's cute.

In the living room, Harvey, a large black lab-dachschund-Bassett hound blend has taken over the couch. One sleepy eye opens slowly whenever someone approaches. He too is convinced that he so cute no one would dream of making him share his perch. He too is probably correct in his assumptions.

So for the moment, all is quiet. For the moment. It is, by all human expectations, the lull before the storm of Penny hits town. Penny, another Heinz 57, is at the moment, sleeping in the backseat of daughter number two's black Matrix. Little does she know what she'll encounter when she walks in the front door. She is known to love smaller dogs. Bigger dogs? Not so much.

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