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Icon and Common Grounds invites to you enter count the coffee bean contest

The Bluffton Icon and Common Grounds Coffee Shop recently teamed up for yet another fantastic contest. This one is simple, and Phil and Fred guess that you've never played it before.

Simply guess how many Icon coffee beans fit in this jar. The winner will be featured in an Icon 15-minute interview, plus may go home with a hearty congratulations from Common Grounds.

Here's how you enter. Stop in Common Grounds. Check out the coffee jar. An entry form is available at the shop. Enter and wait until New Year's day 2011 (actually Jan. 2) to discover if you've won.

Contestants not living in Bluffton may enter by e-mailing their guess to: [email protected].

There may or may not be other prizes along the way to Jan. 2. That, of course, is also any one's guess.

Start counting. Oh, this is important: You may enter as often as you wish. (We'll only interview the winner once.)


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